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MDL Results and Tables 2022

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Marldon 'A'

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Marldon 'A'

August 11th Starcross v Marldon 'A'.
Lee James, Les Clarke Dennis Quincey were in a close match, with scores tied on 6th. 8th, 10th and 12th end before a four on the 19th end gave Marldon a four shot lead. Starcross won the last two ends but only scored 3, giving Marldon a one shot victory 16-15.
Paul Stretton , Bob Tame, Colin Whiley and Graham Walton were in an equally tight game, which even included a rare tied end on their rink. Having fought back from 6-1 down and 14-9 down during the game, they found themselves level at 16 all at start of the last end. Good bowling from all players gave Marldon a good chance for a win until opposing three moved the jack slightly so it finished inches behind a Starcross wood. Graham had no choice than to try and draw a shot which would have to be inch perfect, but narrowly missed to give Starcross a 17-16 win.
Gordon Page, Terry Bowles, Colin Mills and Jamie Phillips briefly took the lead for the first six ends before the opponents took control and raced away to a 29-14 win.
Ray O'Brien, Bryan Salter John Gibbons and Ed Sosnowski fell rapidly behind, as opponents scored in 4's and 5's to win 36-15.
Final Score Starcross 87- Marldon 61.

League Points Starcross 12 Marldon 2.

August 8th Marldon v Kings BC.
John Gibbons, Paul Stretton, Jamie Phillips and Graham Walton were in a neck and neck tussle, falling behind and recovering to be level at 6 ends then falling behind again, until two consecutive 3s took them into a 2 shot lead. Another shot on end 16 extended the lead to three shots but Kings responded by winning next three ends 3,2,3 to take a 4 shot lead into last two ends. Marldon won the last two ends but only with three shots, which left them trailing by one at the end. (20-21)
Gordon Page, Peter Cartwright, Colin Mills and Shaun O'leary were level after 11 ends but Kings had the better second half, leaving Marldon trailing by six shots, 11-17.
Ray O'Brien, Bryan Salter, Bob Tame and Terry Bowles won only 9 of the ends in their game as the opponents found the fast running green to be just what they wanted, scoring better for a 21-10 win.
Lee James, Colin Whiley, Martin Rolfe and Ed Sosnowski failed to score for 6 ends by which time Kings were 11-0 up. A one for Marldon on the next end failed to stem the tide as Kings responded with a 2 and a 4 and continued scoring heavily for a 30-11 win.

Final Score Marldon 52 - Kings BC 89.

League Points Marldon 0 - Kings BC 14.

August 6th Marldon v Stoke Fleming.
A win at last for a Marldon 'A' team missing three of our 'A' team players.
John Gibbons, Ray O'Brien Shaun O'Leary and Ed Sosnowski had a very evenly matched game but had build up a seven shot lead by the fifteenth end. Unfortunately, Stoke Fleming had the better finish and picked up the eight shots they wanted to win by 1 shot. 23-22 to Stoke Fleming.
Graham Parker, Peter Cartwright, Colin Mills and Terry Bowles led for 15 ends but a four from the Stoke team levelled the score at end 16, Stoke then picked up 4 shots to Marldon's 3 in last five ends to win by 1 shot, 19-18.
Paul Stretton, Barry Hodges, Bob Tame and Graham Walton took an early lead, 9-4 before a bad end saw Stoke pick up 5 shots to level the score at 9 all and then continued to score to go 13-9 up. Marldon then won four ends in a row to take a narrow two shot lead, Stoke responded with a 1, before a 4 and a 3 from Marldon opened up a bit of daylight between the teams. Stoke scored three more shots on last two ends but it wasnt enough and Marldon won 22-17.
Barry Bailey, Colin Cradock, Bryan Salter and Martin Rolfe were the best Marldon Rink today, starting with a 6, and continuing to outscore the Stoke Players for a good 29-12 win.
Final Score Marldon 91 - Stoke Fleming 73.

League Points Marldon 10 - Stoke Fleming 4

August 4th Marldon v Shaldon BC.
Playing Shaldon for second time this week, with a slightly delayed start due to traffic problems for Shaldon team
Gordon Page, Peter Cartwright, Colin Mills, and Jamie Phillips were once again our best rink but after being level at 10 all after 12 ends dropped a five and could not respond, losing 16-22.
John Gibbons, Ray O'Brien, Shaun O Leary and Ed Sosnowski were 8 all at 8 ends, but only scored 2 more shots and lost heavily 10-31.
Paul Stretton, Bob Tame, Colin Whiley and Graham Walton played reasonably well but the opposing three and Skip were on top form and consistently removed any Marldon woods that were anywhere near the Jack. After 12 ends Marldon were 14 shots adrift at 3-17 down and despite scoring better in latter stages of the game lost 14-24.
Lee James, Colin Cradock, Barry Hodges and Martin Rolfe were only one shot down at 10 ends but the second half belonged to Shaldon as they raced away to win 32-12. (Marldon must have drunk the wrong teas!)

Final Score Marldon 52 - Shaldon 109.

League Points Marldon 0 - Shaldon 14

August 1st at Shaldon BC.
Good team effort at Shaldon tonight, 2 points for Gordon Page, Peter Cartwright, Colin Mills, and Jamie Phillips with a one shot win. (17-16)
John Gibbons, Ray O'Brien, Shaun O Leary and Ed Sosnowski unlucky to lose by 2 shots. (21-23)
Paul Stretton, Bob Tame, Colin Whiley and Graham Walton played well but were up against two England players on good form and lost by seven shots. (17-24)
Lee James, Colin Cradock, Terry Grant and Martin Rolfe were outplayed tonight and lost 13-32. We have the return fixture this Thursday at Marldon.

Final Score Shaldon 95 - Marldon 68

League Points Shaldon 12 - Marldon 2

Marldon 'B'

August 12th Marldon 'B' v Paignton 'C'.
John Gilbert, Ollie Abercrombie, Les Hartnell and Dennis Quincy built up a 16-10 lead before their opponents picked up nine shots (including a 4) to Marldon's two, to go one up with one end left. Marldon scored 2 shots on last end to win game 20-19.
John Morgan, Soul Cryer, Terry Grant and Terry Bowles found themselves playing a team of three when one Paignton player was missing. After a level start (6 all), Marldon picked up 10 shots in 3 ends for a 16-6 lead, but the opposition fought back to within one shot before a 3 from Marldon gave them a 4 shot lead into last end. Opposition scored a 5 on this end, to give a final score 21-22, but had to take a 25% deduction for only fielding three players making the final score 21-16.5 to Marldon.
Mark Vallance, Ian Mitchelmore, Howard Burchell and Bryan Salter were in an even game until the 9th end but the opposition then pulled ahead by 5 shots before a 4 from Marldon reduced the deficit to one. On the 20th end a three from Marldon levelled the scores and a three on the 21st end gave Marldon the win 23-20.
Wes Abercrombie, Tony Till, Dave Thompson and Mike Thomas briefly led before falling 5 shots behind with two ends left. Scoring a 4 on the 20th end left Marldon just one shot down going into last end, but the Opposition scored another one on this end so Marldon lost by two shots 15-17.

Final Score Marldon 'B' 79 - Paignton 'C' 72.5
League Points Marldon 'B' 12 - Paignton 'C' 2.

August 9th Brixham St Mary v Marldon 'B'
Les Clarke, Dave Thomas, Graham Parker and Terry Grant had a closely fought game which finished as a 20-20 draw.
John Gilbert, Ollie Abercrombie, Mike Thomas and Dennis Quincey scored steadily to take an 8-4 lead at 9 ends before a better second half saw them race away to a 21-10 win.
Mark Vallance, Ian Mitchelmore, Barry Hodges and Bryan Salter were level at 10 ends but then won 6 ends in a row to take a 20-10 lead, Brixham replied with a 3 and a 4 to narrow the gap but Marldon won last two ends for a 22-18 win.
John Morgan, Craig Ayres, Howard Burchell and Terry Bowles fell behind in their game, being 4-11 down after 9 ends, but steadily closed the gap until a 5 on the 16th end saw them take a one shot lead, Marldon then won 4 of the last 5 ends for a good 26-14 win.

Final Score Brixham St Mary 62 - Marldon 89
League Points Brixham St Mary 1 - Marldon 'B' 13.

August 5th Totnes v Marldon 'B'
Carlo Bragagnolo, Soul Cryer, Martin Comber and Terry Bowles raced into a 12-0 lead after just 6 ends and continued to outscore the opposition, finishing with two 3's to win 28-11. A good start for Marldon.
Dave Flook, Dave Thompson, Les Clarke and Graham Parker were in a very even game and were level, 13 all, at the 18th end, unfortunately Totnes had the better of the last three ends to see Marldon lose 14-17.
Dave Alcorn, Ian Mitchelmore, Dennis Quincey and Bryan Salter were holding their own until the 16th end when Totnes picked up a 2 followed by 2 4's for a 10 shot lead, Marldon took a two to finish 8 shots behind at 14-22.
John Gilbert, Les Hartnell, Howard Burchell and Jamie Phillips fell behind fron the start and despite closing the gap for a while found themselves dropping further behind as the game progressed to lose 29-19

Final Score Totnes79 - Marldon 75
League Points Totnes 12 - Marldon 'B' 2.

August 2nd Marldon 'B' v Torquay 'B'
Peter Route, Graham Parker and Dennis Quincey found themselves a man short on their rink, and lost 13-24, this was reduced to 10.75-24 after the 25% points deduction
Carlo Bragagnolo, Ian Mitchelmore, Dave Thompson and Bary Hodges won 22-13.
John Morgan, Howard Burchell, Martin Comber and Terry Bowles won 23-13
Les Clarke Soul Cryer, Mike Thomas and Bryan Salter also won, giving Marldon three winning rinks and the overall win.
League Points Marldon B 12 Torquay B 2.

July 30th Marldon 'B' v Brixham St Mary
New Members, Les Hartnell, Mark Vallance with Terry Grant and Bryan Salter playing as a rink for the first time, held their own for 14 ends, being 11-10 up at that stage, but failed to score on next three ends when opposition took 3,6 and 2 to gain a 10 shot advantage. Marldon managed to reduce the deficit to 6 shots, losing 16-22
Carlo Bragagnolo, Dave Alcorn, Dave Thompson and Barry Hodges were 13 shots down by the 13th end, and could only claw back 4 of the shots losing 17-26
John Morgan, Soul Cryer, Martin Comber and Terry Bowles started badly and were 5-15 down by the 12th end but came back strongly, winning 6 of the last 9 ends, scoring a 5, a 2, and 3 4's for a six shot win 25-19.
John Gilbert, Mike Thomas, Howard Burchell and Eric Glanfield had built a six shot lead by end 5 and although the rest of the game was very even, the 6 shot lead was maintained to the end for a 22-16 win. The overall score was very close, but Brixham St Mary just won by 3 shots to claim the 6 match points.

Final Score Brixham St Mary 83- Marldon 80

League Points Brixham St Mary 10 - Marldon 4

July 28th Kingsbridge Park v Marldon 'B'
Not a good night for Marldon, Carlo, Ian Mitchelmore, Craig Ayres and Bryan Salter took an early lead but were pegged back, level at 13 ends but eventually losing 18-22.
The other three rinks all lost heavily.

Final Score Kingsbridge Park 127- Marldon 45

League Points Kingsbridge Park 14 - Marldon 0