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Marldon 'A'

August 26th away at Stoke Fleming.

Once again we were short of a number of 'A' team players.

John B, Colin M, Ed and Allan were only 2 shots behind after 8 ends but Stoke scored 5, 3 and 1 on next three ends to build up an 11 shot lead, the rest of game was even but Stoke won 30-19.

Dave A, Ray W, Ray o'B and Bob got off to a flying start with a 5 and 2 2's giving them 9-1 lead, but then Stoke took control and won next 7 ends including a 6 on the 9th end, leaving Marldon 9-16 down, from that point on Marldon matched Stoke with neither team scoring more that 2 on any end, but Stoke held on to their 7 shot lead to the end and Marldon lost 24-17

Gordon, Tony, Paul and Shaun were 3 -2 up after first two ends but from that point Stoke were well in control and Marldon only managed to score on 4 of the remaining ends, losing 8-31

John G, Dave T, Terry and Martin R were 5-6 down at 5 ends but then failed to score for 5 ends to be 5-17 adrift. Stoke continued to dominate and won 29-12.

Final Score Stoke Fleming 114 - Marldon 56 : League Points: Stoke Fleming 14 - Marldon 0. The end of our season in Division 1, but a number of new players showed promise this year and should do better next year.

August 25th away at Brixham.

A weakened team took to the green at Brixham tonight. Paul, Colin M Allan and Ed were outplayed for first 7 ends being 0-18, but then scored a 5 to reduce deficit slightly. Brixham continued to score heavily and Marldon lost 16-38.

Craig Ollie, Terry and Bob were trying hard but although they had woods in the head every end, could not get on the scoreboard and were 0-12 down at 9 ends, Marldon continued to come second every end only scoring three times to lose 5 -31 to a good rink in good form and having all the luck as well.

John, Wes, Martin and Jamie started well enough and by end 14 were 4 shots up. Brixham came back from that point on, winning all but one of the remaining ends to overtake Marldon and take a 24-15 win.

Gordon, Les, Shaun and Jake also had a torrid time against a strong Brixham Rink winning only 6 of the 21 ends and losing 15-29.

Final Score Brixham 112 - Marldon 51. : League Points: Brixham 14- Marldon 0. Marldon cannot now escape from relegation to Division 2 next year.

August 21st, home to Shaldon.

John G, Richard R. Wez and Martin took a grip on the game from the start and were 11 - 3 up by 8th end. A 5 on the 9th end widened the gap even more as Marldon continued to dominate for a 31-6 win.

Gordon, Alan B, Terry and Shaun were in a low scoring close game but had pulled out a 4 shot lead by the eleventh end at 8-4. The opponents had the better of the second half wining all but one of the remaining ends to win by three shots (12-9).

On rink 3, Craig, Ollie Bob and Peter also had a very even start with neither team able to pull away, Marldon did take a 6-4 lead but opponents came back to lead 7-6 before Marldon had three good ends together picking up 8 shots without reply. Once in front Marldon held onto the lead to win 16-10.

Bryan, Colin M, Allan C and Ed scored 2 3's and a two as they went into a 3 shot lead early in game but 3 2's from opposition put Shaldon back in front. Shaldon had much the better of the second part of game only letting Marldon score 3 more singles as Shaldon raced away to a 23-11 win.

Final Score Marldon 67- Shaldon 51. : League Points: Marldon 10 - Shaldon 4.

August 15th, home to Bovey Tracey.

John G, Richard. Martin and Jamie had managed to build up a 4 shot lead by 10 ends and despite the efforts of the opposition, held on for a 24-23 win.

Gordon, Les, Terry and Shaun let the opposition score 4 in first two ends but then steadily outplayed them to get a 19-12 win.

Paul, Colin M, Bryan and Ed score at twice the rate of their opponents to be 14-7 up at 10 ends and continiued to outscore them for a 23-16 win

Logan, Ollie, Bob and Peter took an early lead but this only caused the opponents to fight back and Marldon went from 9-4 up to 9 -17 down after losing 7 ends in a row. The opposing skip was then consistently taking the shot with one or other of his woods and Bovey won 26-10. Although Marldon were aware the overall game was close they could not save any shots when three down on last end and as a result Bovey won the game overall by 1 shot.

Final Score Marldon 76 - Bovey Tracey 77 - . League Points: Marldon 6 - Bovey Tracey 8. Disappointing night when scores are that close.

August 3rd, away at Abbrook Park.

Alan C , Colin M, Ed and Bryan fell behind early on and although only 4 shots down at 9 ends could not stop opponents from scoring and lost 13-32.

John, Wes, Martin and Jamie fell behind early in game but recovered to be level at 12 all by the 12th end. Abbrook Park fared slightly better in second half and Marldon lost 20-23.

Richard Read, Jake , Shaun and Len were fairly closely matched until opponents won 5 ends out of 6 in latter stage of game and Marldon lost 14-23

Logan. Ollie, Bob and Peter started their game with a tied end but then pulled ahead and with two consecutive 4's on ends 8 and 9 were 14-6 up by the 10th end. Abbrook park started a comeback but with 4 ends to go Marldon were still leading by six shots. A 4 and a 2 from Abbrook on ends 19 and 20 brought the scores level into last end. Marldon pushed jack into ditch and were holding two shots when Rob, Abbrook's No 3 pushed the Marldon woods off the green to claim the shot. Bob replied by bowling his wood adjacent to Rob and this was to be the final position as neither Skip got close enough to change the position. After a couple of measures, the teams agreed the two woods were equi-distant from the jack for the second tied end of game which finished level at 19 all.

Final Score Abbrook Park 97 - Marldon 66 . League Points Abbrooke Park 13 - Marldon 1.

July 25th, away at Bovey Tracey

Richard, Allan, Ed and Bryan played in different positions tonight and from 5 down at 15 ends recovered to take a 17 all draw and earn a valuable point for the team.

Paul, Ollie Bob and Peter thought they were managing the game when they were tieing 10 all after 11 ends but the opposition had the better of the second part of game winning 7 of the last ten ends for a 27-14 win

John, Wes, Martin and Jamie started well, scoring a 4 and a 5 on the fourth and fifth ends to be 12-1 up. Opponents did close gap to 11-16, but Marldon then opened up the gap again for a good 28 -17 win.

Gordon, Martin C, Shaun and Len could not break down the other team, only scoring on 6 of the 21 ends to lose 6-33.

Final Score Bovey Tracey 94 - Marldon 65. League Points Bovey 11 - Marldon 3.

July 17th, home to League Leaders, Abbrook Park.

Logan, Craig, Bob and Pete started well enough and were level after 11 ends but then lost 6 ends in a row to fall 12-21 behind.Abbrook park continues to outscore Marldon and won 26-14.

Gordon, Martin C, Shaun and Len scored at about half the rate of the opposition throught their game and lost 14-27.

Bryan, Richard, Alan and Ed struggled to win an end, winning only 7 of the 21 ends in their game to lose 9-33

John G, Wes, Martin R and Jamie were our best rink but also found the opponents to be outscoring them and could only win 9 ends, losing 15-23. Not a good night for Marldon as Abbrook Park chalked up yet another win to keep them at top of table.

Overall Score, Marldon 52 - Abbrook Park 109 - League Points Marldon 0, Abbrook Park 14.

July 6th, away at Bitton Park.

Ollie A, Ray O'B, Bob T and Jamie Phillips took an early 12-3 lead before opponents started to score to reduce gap to 12-7. Marldon contiued to hold on to the lead in a more even second part of game and won 21-15

Wes, Peter C, John G and Martin R were in a fairly even game, being level after 5th and 7th end, but a good run of five winning ends for Bitton saw them take a 7 shot lead into last three ends, and Marldon lost 14-21

Bryan S, Colin M, Allan C and Ed Sos. fell behind early in game and were unable to catch up, eventually losing 13-22

Steve Hannis Smith had a torrid introduction to 'A' team Bowls when teamed with Gordon P, Shaun and Len W and they found themselves 0-27 down after 9 ends. They had a more even game from that point, but the final score was 9 -37.

Overall Score, Bitton Park 95. - Marldon 57 - League Points Bitton Park 12 - Marldon 2.

June 29th, away at Shaldon

No Match report available, and no points for Marldon, who lost on all four rinks.

June 20th, at Home v TCBC

Gordon Page, Jake Woodbridge, Shaun O'Leary and Len Woodbridge fell slightly behind but recovered to 5 all after 8 ends, and the game continued to be close, Marldon had a three shot lead at end 18, but then dropped a 5 to go two down. Marldon finished with a 2 and a 1 for a narrow 17-16 win, and what was to be Marldon's only win of the night.

Bryan Salter, Colin Mills, Colin Cradock and Allan Coombe were level at 3 all before a string of 9 high scoring wins saw the opposition take a 25 - 3 lead by the 13th end. Marldon only managed to score on three of the remaining ends and lost 7-35.

Wes A, Martin Comber, John Gibbons and Martin Rolfe were trailing by 9 shots after 8 ends but continued to battle for every shot and were back in the lead by one shot after 17 ends. Their opponents had the stronger finish, winning three of the last four ends for a 23-20 win.

Ollie A, Ray O'Brien, Bob Tame and James Philips should have been the other rink, but James had somehow double booked himself and could not play. We brought in last minute replacement, our junior member, Logan, who took over as lead with the others all moving back a position. Logan had a good first game for the 'A' team and was holding his own against the opposing lead. Ollie also played several good shots but the opposing 3 and four kept responding with good shots of their own and althogh Marldon managed to get an 8-7 lead at 10 ends we could not hold on to the lead, falling 9 -13 down before a 4 on 15th end brought the teams level. One more from Marldon saw us in a 14-13 lead but we were unable to hold onto our shots on the last 5 ends and the game turned TCBC's way as they scored four singles and a 3 to win 20-14.

Overall Score, Marldon 58 - TCBC 'B' 94. - League Points Marldon 2, TCBC 'B' 12.

June 15th, at Home v Bitton Park

Gordon Page, Jake Woodbridge, Shaun O'Leary and Len Woodbridge played well to build up a 10-4 lead before dropping a 5 to close score to 10 - 9. Marldon didn't panic and continued to score well for a 19-14 win

Bryan Salter, Colin Mills, Allan Coombe and Ed Sosnowski took an early lead but opponents fought back to take a one shot lead on 8th end. Two 4's in a row was the start of a winning run for Bitton, who won 8 ends in a row before Marldon could reply. Bitton Park went on to win 28-12

Wes A, Martin Comber, Colin Cradock and Martin Rolfe built up a 9-5 lead by 10th end but opposition fought back to take the lead by 4 shots after 17 ends. Marldon reduced their deficit to three shots by last end and then scored a four for a 18-17 win.

Ollie A, Ray O'Brien, Bob Tame and James Phillips started badly and by the 11th end were 4-14 in arrears. However a Marldon recovery using a full length jack saw them recover to within 2 shots at 12-14. We were unfortunate to lose jack into ditch on next end, giving our opponents a chance to revert to their favoured length where they picked up a 5. Marldon tried hard to recover but nothing was going our way and the opponents took three of the last four ends for a 26-13 win.

Overall Score, Marldon 62 - Bitton Park 85. - League Points Marldon 4, Bitton Park 10.

June 10th, at Home v Stoke Fleming

Gordon Page, Shaun O'Leary,Jake Woodbridgeand Len Woodbridge had a close first part of the game to be 10-9 up at 10 ends. They then won 8 of the remaining 11 ends for a good 27-12 win.

Bryan Salter, Colin Mills, Martin Comber and Allan Coombe dropped a 5 on the first end but pulled themselves back into game to get a 14-12 lead after 16 ends. A close finish saw Marldon 16-15 up after 20 ends but Stoke Fleming scored a 3 on the final end to take the game 18-16.

Terry Grant, Craig Ayres, Colin Cradock and Martin Rolfe were outplayed by their opponents throughout the game, only winning 6 of the 21 ends to lose 7-31.

Ollie A , Bob Tame Ray O'Brien and Mike Thomas kept their game close and were only 4 shots behind after 12 ends, but Stoke Fleming scored heavily from then on to be 27-11 up by 19th end, a 7 on the 20th end and one on final end sealed Marldon's fate and Marldon lost 11-35. Overall Score, Marldon 61 - Stoke Fleming 96. - League Points Marldon 2, Stoke Fleming 12.

Marldon 'A'

June 6th, at Home v Brixham

Bryan Salter, Colin Mills, Allan Coombe and Ed Sosnowski dropped one shot on first end but then took control and were 10- 1 up by the 7th end. Marldon continued to score well to win 29-9.

Gordon Page, Jake Woodbridge, Shaun O'Leary and Len Woodbridge had a closer game, but Brixham had build up a 6 shot lead by end 11. Marldon responded by winning the next three ends, scoring 10 shots to take a 4 shot lead, but Brixham had the stronger finish, winning the last 6 ends for a 24-17 win to Brixham.

Ollie A, Bob Tame, Paul Stretton and Ray O'Brien scored a 3 on the first end but were then outplayed by the Brixham 4 and only scored 6 more shots, losing 9-29.

Wes A, Peter Cartwright, John Gibbons and Martin Rolfe outscored their opponents throughout their game and were 21-7 up by the 17th end. Marldon then added another 13 shots by winning 3 of the last 4 ends for a good 33-8 win.

Overall Score, Marldon 88 - Brixham 70. League Points Marldon 10, Brixham 4.

Marldon 'A'

Our first game on June 1st gave us a win at Torbay Country Bowls Club.(TCBC) Bryan Salter, Colin Mills, Allan Coombe and Ed Sosnowski got 8 - 6 up before dropping a 7 to go 5 points behind. Losing another 5 in the next three ends left Marldon with an uphill battle but they reduced deficit to 6 shots by end 17. Despite finishing with a 4 and a 3 they lost the game 22-24.

Ollie A, Ray O'Brien, Bob Tame and James Phillips started well and were 11-5 up by end 10. The next phase of the game was tense as the opposition closed the gap to 14-15 and continued by scoring another 5 in the next three ends for a 19-15 lead. Marldon finished with a 2 but it wasn't enough as they went down 17-19.

Gordon Page, Jake Woodbridge, Shaun O'Leary and Len Woodbridge fell behind early in game but rallied back, recoving to 12-13 behind. The next few ends were closer with Marldon scoring one more than opponents to get a 19 -19 draw.

Wes A, Peter Cartwright, John Gibbons and Martin Rolfe also started well and helped by a 4 on the 5th end raced into a 15-2 lead. The second part of this game was very even, both sides scoring a further 9 points for a final score of 25-12 to Marldon.

Overall Score: TCBC 74. - Marldon 83, League Points: Marldon 9, TCBC 5.

Marldon 'B'

August 7th v Victoria BC at Marldon

Logan, Tony W, Dave T and Captain Paul only managed to score 9 single shots as the opposition ran away with the game, scoring on the other 12 ends including a 4, a 5 and a 6 as they took a 30 -9 win.

Craig, Richard Martin, Richard Read and Colin Cradock fell behind early in the game and were 3-11 down before a 2 and a 5 brought them back closer, game was then neck and neck to 17 all after 15 ends, but Marldon had the stronger finish, scoring on 5 of the last 6 ends for a good 25-18 win.

Martin C, Les, John Gilbert and Terry G took control of their game and were never in any difficulties, winning 24-14.

Alan, Ian, John Morgan and Mike Thomas started badly and were 2-12 down after 8 ends. From that point on Marldon did manage to outscore the opponents but were unable to make up the deficit, losing 16-23.

Final Score: Marldon 74 - Victoria 85 - League points: Marldon 4 - Victoria 10.

July 11th v TCBC 'C' at Marldon

Logan, Tony W, Dave T and Captain Paul scored 7 before opponents got off the mark and were 12 shots up by the 10th end. The opponents did then make a comeback in second part of game but could only close gap to 4 shots and Marldon won 21-17

Ian M, Mick L, Richard M and Les C were level at 5 ends, 4 up at 10 ends, increased their lead to 10 shots by 15th end and then saw opponents climb back to within one shot by end of game. A narrow 20-19 win for Marldon

Martin C, Les H, John G and Terry G were just on top in first part of game being 15-10 up at 10 ends. The opposition did close the gap to 3 shots before Marldon got a firm grip on the game for a good 30-14 win.

The fourth rink of Alan B , Paul W, Richard R and Mike T drew their game 18 all.

Final Score: Marldon 89 - TCBC 68 - League points: Marldon 13 - TCBC 1.

June 29th v Chudleigh at Marldon

Richard Martin, Tony Till, Dave Thompson and Paul Stretton started well, being 8-1 up before opposition got to grips with green, but opponents then won the next 7 ends to take a 13-8 lead and continued to outscore Marldon for a 20-12 win.

Dave Moorghen, Tony Walker, John Gilbert and Terry Grant fell behind in first part of game to be 3-11 down but a good second part of game saw them recover to get a 16 all draw.

Mick Lee, John Bruce, Martin Comber and Colin Cradock were 0-12 down before scoring their first point on the 8th end and continued to struggle losing 10-34.

Steve Hannis Smith, John Morgan, Les Hartnell and Mike Thomas had a very even first half of game to be tied at 8 all after 10 ends, A string of 7 winning ends from Marldon then gave them a comfortable lead and they won 25-12.

Final Score: Marldon 63 - Chudleigh 82 - League points: Marldon 3 - Chudleigh 11.

June 25th v TCBC (away)

Mick Lee, John Bruce, Ray Wyburn and Colin Cradock lost 6 ends before scoring and fell further behind throughout game to lose 10-27.

Alan Bovey, Dave Alcorn, Les Hartnell and Mike Thomas briefly led 10-6 before a dropped 4 saw the opponents draw level, TCBC then built up an 8 shot lead and despite Marldon reducing this to 3 shots, they lost last end to lose 17-22. Good effort with inexperienced bowlers in our team.

D Moorghen, Alan Rootes, Martin Comber and Paul Cradock found the TCBC team too hot to handle and lost 8-26. Our two new front end players now know what league bowls can be like.

Tony Walker, John Morgan. John Gilbert and Terry Grant were also 0-7 down after 6 ends but recovered briefly to 5-8 before opponents took control and raced away to a 24-5 lead. Marldon did rally to win 4 of the last 5 ends but lost 11-25.

Final Score: TCBC 100 - Marldon 46. League points: TCBC 14 - Marldon 0

June 13th v Bitton Park

Mick Lee, John Bruce, Colin Cradock and Mike Thomas were level on 2nd and 11th end but picked up a four on 16th end to take the lead, then dropped a four on 18th end to go two shots behind. Marldon then picked up three shots for a one shot lead into last end but it was Bitton Park who had the last laugh, scoring a 2 on final end for a 20-19 win.

Ian Michelmore, John Morgan, John Gilbert and Terry Grant were also in a close game but had pulled out a five shot lead before dropping a six on the 18th end. This proved to be the decisive end as Marldon went on to lose 19-21.

Howard Burchell, Dave Thompson, Tony Walker and Paul Stretton were equally close with scores level at 3-3, 7-7 and 11 all. Marldon continued to win ends to get a 4 shot lead with two ends left. Bitton Park replied with a 4 of their own to tie the scores into last end. Marldon held their nerve and took the one shot they needed for a win. 17-16.

Richard Read, Ray Wyborn, Martin Comber and Craig Ayres fell behind in the early stages and were 8 down by the 15th end. Marldon gave themselves a chance with a 3 and a 2 on next two ends, reducing the deficit to 3 shots but then could only close the deficit to 2 at the end, losing 15-17.

Final Score: Marldon 70 - Bitton Park 74, a very narrow win for Bitton Park. League points: Marldon 2 - Bitton Park12.

June 8th v Paignton.

Richard Read, John Bruce, Colin Cradock and Terry Grant had a close game with scores tied at 4th 9th and 18 ends. Paignton had the stronger finish taking the last three ends for a 21-15 win.

Logan A, Ian Mitchelmore, Howard Burchell and Paul Stretton were being outbowled by the Paignton Players, and by the 15th end were 7-19 down. A revival on the last 6 ends saw Marldon narrow the gap to just 6 shots, losing 15-21.

Tony Till, Les Hartnell, Dave Thompson and Barry Bailey were in a close game up to 12 ends, but at this point Barry had to retire due to an injury with scores at 13-12. The three remaining Marldon bowlers won the last part of the game 10-6 but had to concede 25% of their score reducing it to 7.5 to 6. They still won their game overall with a score of 20.5 to 18.

Alan Bovey, John Morgan, Martin Comber and Mike Thomas dropped a 5 on first end but recovered well being level by the 8th end and 6 up after 14. A Paignton recovery saw them take a one shot lead but Marldon won 4 of the last 5 ends for a 26-20 win.

Final Score: Marldon 78.5 - Paignton 80, a very narrow win for Paignton. League points Marldon 4 - Paignton 10.

May 30th - v Babbacombe.
Ian Mitchelmore, Tony Walker, Howard Burchell and Terry Grant scored first but then lost 8 of the next 10 ends to find themselves 3-17 behind. From this point on Marldon did win a few ends but were unable to close gap and lost 10-25.

Alan Bovey, Les Hartnell, Ray Wyborn and Les Clark were 0-7 down after three ends, and despite their best efforts could only win 7 ends of the 21, losing 13-26.

Martin Comber, John Bruce, Colin Cradock and Paul Stretton had a very close game but scoring a 4 on the 18th end was the decisive moment, giving Marldon a three shot lead with three ends to go. Marldon held on for a 24-22 win and a much needed 2 points.

Richard Read, Dave Alcorn, John Gilbert and Mike Thomas were also in a close game and were 10 all after 14 ends. A good effort then saw Marldon win the next five ends to take a 16-10 lead but opponents tried hard to catch up, scoring 5 on last two ends. Marldon won 16-15 for another welcome 2 points.

Final Score Babbacombe - 88 Marldon 63 , League points Babbacombe 10 Marldon 4.

Marldon 'B'

May 15th - Chudleigh v Marldon 'B'.
Bad night tonight as Marldon lost on all four rinks.
Martin Comber, Tony Till, John Morgan and Mike Thomas took an early lead in their game to be 12-7 up at one stage, but Chudleigh came back strongly to take the lead after 10 ends. By end 15 Marldon were back in front but Chudleigh had the stronger finish to take the game 27-23.

Carlo Bragagnolo, Les Hartnell, John Gilbert and Les Clarke started with a 2 but only scored twice in next 9 ends and were 5-19 behind at end 10. Marldon managed to score on 5 of the next 10 ends to narrow the gap slightly, but were 19-26 behind at end 20, failing to put the score for the final end on the card.

Alan Bovey, Mick Lee, Richard Read and Craig Ayres were 0-13 behind before they scored their first points on the 7th end. Marldon slightly outscored Chudleigh in the rest of the game but Chudleigh managed to hold on to enough ends to prevent Marldon from catching up, and Marldon lost by 7 shots for a final score 17-24.

Ian Mitchelmore, John Bruce, Howard Burchell and Terry Grant were playing well and had built up a 22-12 lead by the fifteenth end. It appears that's when the wheels fell off, as Marldon failed to score again and a 5 from Chudleigh on 20th end followed by a 2 on the last end saw Chudleigh steal the win 23-22.

Final Score Chudleigh 100? Marldon 81?, League points Chudleigh 14 Marldon 0.

May 12th - Victoria v Marldon 'B'.
A very good result from our trip to Victoria tonight with all four rinks winning.
Alan Bovey, Mick Lee, Ray Wyborn and Craig Ayres went 5 shots down on two occasions but from 6-11 down with four ends to go scored 8 shots without reply to win 15-11.

Dave Alcorn, John Bruce, John Gilbert and Mike Thomas won first 8 ends for a 10-0 lead. The rest of the game was very even with Marldon holding on to the ten shot lead for a 17-7 win.

Carlo Bragagnolo, Les Hartnell, Dave Thompson and Les Clarke were 7 shots up but opponents reduced deficit to two shots before Marldon once again took control and raced into an 18-6 lead. The Victoria team fought back but ran out of ends and Marldon won 18-14.

Richard Read, Ian Mitchelmore, John Morgan and Terry Grant won 12 of the first 13 ends for a 22-1 lead, and scored a further 10 shots to 2 from Victoria in the remaining ends for a convincing 31-3 win.

Final Score Victoria 35 Marldon 78, League points Victoria 0 Marldon 14.

May 5th - Marldon 'B' v Babbacombe.
A very good start for a Marldon team which included players with little or no league experience, playing in appalling rainy conditions with the captains agreeing to play a shortened 18 end game.
Dave Alcorn, John Bruce, John Gilbert and Howard Burchell found themselves 0-20 down after 9 ends, playing a rink containing two former Marldon players, Doug Potter and Colin Whiley. The Marldon rink did slightly better from then on winning 5 of the remaining 9 ends, but eventually losing 9-25.
Richard Reed, Tony Till. John Morgan and Colin Cradock had a better start, racing into a 13-3 lead before the opposition replied with 3 singles on next three ends. Marldon then took control again and won all the remaining ends for a comfortable 22-6 win.
Alan Bovey, Ray Wyborn, Mick Lee and Craig Ayres had an even start to be 6 all at 10 ends. The Babbacombe rink edged the second part of the game as the weather worsened to win 14-8.
Carlo Bragagnolo, Les Hartnell, Dave Thompson and Paul Stretton had a narrow 7-5 lead at 8 ends but then picked up a seven followed by a five to extend their lead to 19-5 against former member Terry Bowles. Marldon then won 5 of the last 8 ends for a final score of 25-8.

Final Score Marldon 64 Babbacombe 53, League points Marldon 10 Babbacombe 4.