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Marldon Bowls Club

Membership Rules (applicable from June 2022)

Playing members are required to carry out Cleaning and Tea duties as part of membership. A Roster will be placed in the Captain’s Office; members are required to check this roster throughout the season and confirm their availability for the allocated duties or rearrange their duties with another member.

(N.B. Exemption from carrying out these duties for some members, will be decided by the Management Committee)

Playing in Club Games (Availability)

1) Full Playing Members wishing to represent the club in League games, i.e. Mens MDL “A” or “B” Teams, The Over 55’s League, or Ladies SDLL League Matches, should register their interest at the start of the season, so they can be registered with the appropriate league at the Men's and Ladies Meetings. The selection committees will decide which team, each individual member will be registered with, and will display this list in the captains office.

Once registered, members should put their names on the availability sheets for those league games for which they are eligible, if they wish to be considered for selection.

Selection Committees, as agreed by the Club Management Committee, are made up as follows:

Mixed and Friendly Matches are selected by the two Captains and Vice Captains plus 3 playing members elected at the AGM.

Ladies only Matches and Gallery League Games are selected by, The Ladies Captain and Vice Captain plus 3 playing members elected at the AGM.

Men only Matches, MDL and Over 55’s League Games are selected by The Mens Captain and Vice Captain plus 3 playing members elected at the AGM.

2) Members wishing to represent the club in any game, Friendly or League, will be required to purchase a ‘Club shirt’. All Members representing the Club in any game must have Marldon Bowls Club Stickers on their bowls. (On sale at club bar)

3) Players wishing to play in any Club game (Friendly or league) must put their name on the availability sheet for that game. A book containing availability sheets for all games (whether on fixture card or not), will be available in the Captain's Office. The teams will be chosen by the relevant selection committee each week. The chosen team will be displayed on a team sheet on the notice boards at the end of the clubhouse as soon as is practicable after selection.

Any member with a grievance regarding selection, must put his/her complaint in writing to the relevant Captain.

4) Members are required to check the team sheets regularly and if selected to play are required to tick their names, to confirm their availability. Any member selected, who finds they are then unable to play, must give at least 24 hours’ notice to the Club Captain or Captain of the day, who will be responsible for finding a replacement. The unavailable player must not get another member to play in his place without the authority of the Captain of the Day.

Crossing ones name off and writing, “not available” is unacceptable and may result in the player concerned receiving a two match ban. Any deformation of Team Sheets and Availability Sheets will incur severe disciplinary action.

Club Competitions

Players entering Club Competitions will be required to abide by the rules for the competitions as stated by the Competition Secretary at the start of each season.

Committee Members

All Committee Members are required to attend committee meetings and participate in a rota to open the clubhouse daily during the summer months.



Whether in competitive or casual play this is the one item of dress that has to be strictly adhered to. Only smooth soled regulation bowling shoes and sandals must be worn on the green and should be put on after entering the club and removed before leaving the premises. Ribbed or rough crepe rubber soles are strictly prohibited on the green, as are any type of heel. Bare feet are prohibited on the green.




Grey for all representative evening league & competition games.

Grey for Internal Club Competition games prior to finals.

Grey for roll ups

White for afternoon league games. (unless otherwise advised)

White for afternoon friendlies. (unless otherwise advised)

White for Club Finals day.



Shorts not permitted for County, National & League Matches

Grey for all representative evening competition games.

Grey for Internal Club Competition games prior to finals.

Grey for roll ups

White for league games.

White for afternoon friendlies.

White for Club Finals day.



Club shirts for all representative league & competition games.

White for internal club competitions.

Club Shirts for friendly matches.

Predominantly White for roll ups.



Club shirts for all representative league & competition games.

White for internal club competitions.

Club Shirts for friendly matches.

Predominantly White for roll ups.

Ties/Cravats/Flashes etc

The wearing of these has been relaxed but they should be available as they may be required for certain games as specified on team sheets.

Wet gear and head gear

These come in a variety of styles but these must be white or in club colours i.e. green/gold.


If marking a game for a club competition the dress code is to be same as that which applies to the players in that game.


For new bowlers currently participating in club organised coaching sessions only the ruling with regard to footwear on the green applies. No other dress code ruling applies until such time as the new bowler is signed off by a Club Coach and they have formally been accepted as a member of the Club. Once signed off and as a Club member the rules given above for “Club Members” will apply.


For non members who wish to enjoy a roll up we do insist that flat-soled shoes must always be worn. We request that you dress in smart casual clothing including for men tailored trousers (full length or shorts), For ladies a tailored skirt, trousers or shorts. With regard to the tops worn by men or ladies please ensure there are no images or language displayed that may cause offence to other bowlers.

Anybody bowling on the green and not adhering to the dress code specified above may be asked to leave the green by a Committee Member.

The Green

Unless otherwise notified, the bowling green shall be open for play from 10am until dusk each day during the season subject to the control and direction of the Greenkeeper and Management Committee.

Roll Up times however are to be no longer than two hour sessions, 10.00am till 12.00 noon, 2.00pm till 4.00pm and 6.00pm till 8.00pm and cannot take place when a game is in progress, unless you can leave an empty rink between you and the game. These times must be strictly adhered to.

However, on occasions, the green is booked for use by the County for competitions. On these occasions no play of any kind must take place, even on spare rinks.

Members must abide by Greenkeeper’s decision if the green or individual rinks are closed for any reason.

Watering of the green and movement of rinks shall only be carried out by the Club Greenkeeper and/or assistants.

If not in use for club matches or other events, rinks can be booked for competitions in a diary kept in the captain’s office.

In the event of a shortage of rinks for competitions, County Competitions will take priority over club competitions, which have priority over casual play.


Any member may introduce a friend as a player upon payment of an amount fixed by the Management Committee. This money to be placed in an “Honesty Jar” kept in the Captains Office. Non-playing visitors may be introduced free of charge by a member. All visitors shall be signed in the Visitors Book on entering the Club. The visitors book will be kept in the Captains Office. This rule shall not apply to visitors taking part in Club tournaments or competitions.


All guests, including those of Club members, must sign the Visitors Book.


Smoking of any form is not permitted inside any of the club buildings or on the green.

Smokers must use the ash trays provided around the green.


Dogs are only allowed on the premises if kept under control on a lead, Dogs will not be allowed on the green or in the Kitchen/Catering area of the Clubhouse.

Problems/issues with the club/green

Members who have any issues concerning the club or the green, or have suggestions to assist the club, should comment in writing to the Club Secretary, who will raise the issue at the next Management Committee meeting and report back to the member raising the issue.


All members are expected to obey Club Rules and behave in a respectful manner towards other members and their guests. Any complaint brought against a member for any transgression, will, in the first instance be discussed by the Committee and if disciplinary action is deemed necessary, the procedure laid out in the Club Constitution will be followed.

Social Members

Social Members are entitled to use of the green providing they obey the rules regarding dress code and pay the roll up fee set by the committee.

Accident Reporting

There are two First Aid Boxes on site, one in the Clubhouse and the other in the Captains Office. The Club also has two First Aid Officers, listed in the Clubhouse, who should be called if they are on site.

In the event of any accident occurring within the confines of the Club grounds, the incident MUST be recorded in the Accident Book which is kept in the Captains Office.

Junior Members (Under 18 years old)

As a member of Marldon Maple Leaf Bowling Club, you are expected to abide by the following junior code of practice: (Junior Members parents or guardians must complete the consent forms)

All members must play within the rules and respect officials and their decisions.

All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, cultural background or religious beliefs or sexual identity.

Members should keep to agreed timings for training and competitions or inform their coach or team manager if they are going to be late.

Members must wear suitable kit, flat soled shoes,(no heels) grey/black slacks and club shirt, for training and match sessions, as agreed with the coach/team captain

Members must pay any fees for training or events promptly.

Junior members are not allowed to smoke on club premises or whilst representing the club at competitions.

Junior members are not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs of any kind on the club premises or whilst representing the club.

Mobile Phones or pagers are not allowed on the green during a match.

Children and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

Marldon (Maple Leaf )Bowling Club fully accepts its legal and moral obligation to exercise its duty of care and to protect all children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities, and to safeguard their welfare.

We are committed to do this by acknowledging that:

We shall use our best endeavours to ensure that:

All allegations of abuse are taken seriously;

The response to them is swift and appropriate;

A risk assessment of the effectiveness of our policy is reviewed annually;

A responsible person shall be appointed annually as Child Protection Officer to whom members can address any concerns.

Details of Cleaning Duties

All members are required to check the Rotas posted in the Captains Office and perform their given duties. Should a member be unable to carry out their given duties, they must swap with another member willing to carry out their duties for them.



(Please note that Cleaning duties are from 9.30 a.m.) A committee member will open the clubhouse.

Everyone who is on cleaning duty is asked to do whatever work needs doing to keep the club and site clean and respectable.

Two people should be on cleaning duties and should decide amongst themselves who does each task on following list.

Only cleaning materials and equipment supplied by the club should be used. Cleaning Materials and replacements for consumable items will be found in labelled cupboards, the committee person who opens up should know where these items are if you cannot find them.

The following list is a guide to what should be included in the cleaning routine:-

If Necessary