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County and National Competitions 2022

Notices have been posted in the changing rooms for entries for County Major and Minor Competitions for 2022. If you wish to enter you must put your name on the entry lists before the closing date in September 2021.

2021 Club Competition results

We have now played all but one of our club competition finals, the mens pairs had to be conceded after one player unavailable to play.




4 Wood Championship

Winner: Graham Walton

Runner up: Colin Mills


4 Wood Championship

Winner: Steph Routledge

Runner up: Pam Hills

2 Wood Championship

Winner: John Gibbons

Runner up: Paul Stretton


2 Wood Championship

Winner: Theresa Cornelius

Runner up: Barbara James

4 Wood Handicap

Winner: Lee James

Runner up: Colin Whiley


4 Wood Handicap

Winner: Steph Routledge

Runner up: Barbara James

Fred Pitman

Winner: Lee James

Runner up: Dave Alcorn


Fred Pitman

Winner: Theresa Cornelius

Runner up: Teresa Cartwright

Men's Pairs

Winners: Colin Whiley & Alan Drayton (by default)

Runners up: Ray O'Brien & Terry Bowles.


Ladies Pairs

Winners: Teresa Cartwright & Sue Murdock.

Runners up: Pam Hills and Pat Edwards.

Men's Triples

Winners: Lee James, Alan Drayton & Tony Mason

Runners up: Peter Cartwright, Bob Tame & Ed Sosnowski


Ladies Triples

Winners: Pat Edwards, Theresa Cornelius & Sue Murdock.

Runners up: Steph Routledge, Rosemarie English and Teresa Cartwright.

Mixed Pairs

Winners: Teresa Cartwright & Colin Whiley

Runners up:Steph Routledge & Peter Cartwright


Partnered Pairs

Winners: June & John Gibbons

Runners up: Karen and Graham Parker.

Mixed Triples

Winners: Theresa Cornelius, Graham Dowell & Tony Mason

Runners up: Carol Page, Graham Parker & Colin Whiley


Pictures of most of the winners being presented with thier trophies can be found by clicking here

(To see who has won in previous years visit the honours board)

For 2020 the normal competitions were suspended in favour of competitions designed to be played with COVID regulations in Place. The results can be found here.

Mid Devon League Cup Competitions 2021

All members of Mid Devon League clubs were invited to enter the 2021 Singles, Pairs and Triples Competitions.
We had one Pair reaching the Pairs Final, our other pairs were knocked out at quarter and semi final stages.
The two teams we were allowed for the MDL 4's (MDL Cup - which we won in 2019) were selected by our selection committee and both teams reached the Quarter finals before being knocked out.

The finals were played at Marldon BC on Saturday 11th and the results can be found on the news page.