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Over 55 League Results and Tables 2021

League Tables

V division

League Table - week 18 (end of Season)

V League Table

W division

League Table - week 18 (end of Season)

W League Table

V Division

Sept 1st. ------ Final Game of season - Marldon v Brixham St Mary

Marldon 36 - Brixham St Mary 21 Points 8-0.


Aug 20th. ------ Marldon v Brixham

Marldon 22 - Brixham 42 Points 0-8.


Aug 18th. ------ Marldon v Babbacombe

Both rinks started well but Bob's rink suddenly dropped 3 3's in a row and never recovered, however Tony Mason's rink made up for it with a good win for an overall 41-29 result, points 6-2 to Marldon.


Aug 11th. ------ Paignton Torbay v Marldon

Very close game, one winnign rink, one losing rink, scores level overall at 29-29 Points shared 4-4.


Aug 4th. ------ Marldon v Brixham, postponed until Aug 20th.


July 28th. ------ Marldon v Paignton (away)

Another fine result for the over 55 V Team today. Winning 37 (6) to 26 (2) at Paignton.


July 21st. ------ Marldon v TCBC.

Lee James , Barry Hodges & Martin Rolfe scored a 6 on the last end to lose 21-22

Ray O’Brien , Tony Mason & Dennis Quincey won 21-17

Overall result Marldon 42- TCBC 39.


July 14th. ------ Marldon v Kings.

Both the weather and the opposition were too hot for Marldon today as Kings won on both rinks.
Les Clarke, Bob Tame and Ray O'Brien found themself up against a very good Kings Trio, and were 15 shots down after 11 ends and despite thier best efforts could only reduce the deficit to 11 shots, before conceding one more to lose 11-23.

Peter Cartwright, Tony Mason and Dennis Quincey kept the scores very close and were 11-10 up after 15 ends, before a 4 and a 3 from Kings opened up a six shot gap going into last end. Marldon scored 1 on this end to lose by 5 shots 12-17. Result Marldon 23 Kings 40. Points 0-8

July 7th. ------ Marldon v Torquay.

Good win for the men’s over 55 V team this morning

Martin Rolfe , Barry Hodges & Les Clarke won 23-13

Ray O’Brien , Dennis Quincey & Peter Cartwright drew 17-17

Result Marldon 40 Torquay 30. Points 7-1

June 30th. ------ Marldon v Brixham St Mary
No Match report supplied

June 23rd. ------ No Game

June 16th. ------ Babbacombe 8 - Marldon 0

The 'V' team were in action at sunny Babbacombe today.

Lee James , Tony Mason and Terry Grant fell behind early on to go 3-11 down before winning 6 ends in a row to get within 1 shot at 10-11. Unfortunately Babbacombe had the stronger finish and won 16-12.

On the other rink (Bob, Colin Whiley and Ray O'Brien) the game was nip and tuck from beginning to end. At the 10th end tea stop, Marldon were 1 shot in front. Marldon picked up a four on first end after tea but promptly dropped a four on the following end to keep the one shot lead. Marldon increased the lead to 5 shots but Babbacome replied with 4 of their own on 16th & 17th ends to leave Marldon with a one shot lead into last end. Marldon held shot on this end until the Babbacome skip's last wood of the game which hit the Marldon shot wood and knocked the jack back to two Babbacome woods. Ray was unable to find a way through with his last wood, so Babbacombe took this game 15-14 to give Babbacombe all 8 points.

Overall score of 31-26.

June 9th. ------ Marldon 1 - Paignton Torbay 7

The 'V' team were in action at Marldon against Paignton Torbay.

Les Clarke, Tony Mason and Terry Grant took a 6-2 lead before dropping a three and a six to fall behind. Although the game was even from that point the Paignton Torbay lead was enough to see them win the game 18-13.

Meanwhile on the other Rink, Peter Cartwright, Bob Tame and Martin Rolfe got off to a poor start, only winning 3 of the first 10 ends. The half time refreshments helped, as Marldon pulled back to be only one shot down going into last end. Facing a losing situation Martin drove at the head, successfully moving the jack away from the bowls but stopping a yard away. The opposing skip rolled his wood right up to Martin's winning wood, but Marldon took the end on a measure to tie the game at 14 all.

Overall score Marldon 27 Paignton Torbay 32

June 2nd. ------ Brixham 1 - Marldon 7

Match report

Lee James, Terry Grant & Dennis Quincey Drew 15-15
Les Clarke, Dave Thompson & Ray O’Brien Won 19-14

Overall Score Brixham 29 Marldon 34.

May 26th. ------ Marldon 0 - Paignton 8

Match report

Les Clarke, Barry Hodges and Ray O'Brien fell 11-5 behind but a revival in mid game saw them pull back to within one shot on 13th (10-11) and 15th (12-13) ends. A strong finish from the Paignton team saw them score 7 shots on last three ends to open a gap for a 20-12 win.

On the other V team rink, Colin Whiley, Bob Tame and Martin Rolfe were getting woods close enough to the jack but constantly found that Paignton Skip (J Stewart) was having a better game and could get closer or move the Marldon woods away and he did this on a number of ends. From 3-17 down the Marldon team didn't stop trying and scored 6 shots to opponents 3 in latter stage of game but it was never going to be enough and Marldon lost 9-20.

Overall Score Marldon 21 Paignton 40.

May 19th. ------ Marldon 8 - TCBC 0

Match report

Good 8-0 win for over 55 'V' team at Marldon today. Lee James, Bob Tame and Dennis Quincey built up a comfortable lead before TCBC began to win a few ends late in the game, too late to stop Marldon from winning 20-12. Peter Cartwright, Tony Mason and Ray O'Brien had a closer game, winning 17-14. Not only that but the sun was shining.

Overall score Marldon 37 Torbay Country Bowling Club 26.

May 12th. ------ Kings 8 - Marldon 0

No Match report supplied

May 5th. ------ Torquay 2 - Marldon 6

Match report

Rink1 - Barry Hodges, Dave Thompson & Colin Whiley were level on the scoreboard up until the 12th end (11 all). After losing 5 shots on the next 2 ends they just could not get them back, finally going down 19 - 13.

Rink 2 - Peter Cartwright, Dennis Quincey & Ray O'Brien were 16 - 0 up after only 6 ends. Always in control, finally winning by 29 - 8.

Final Score:- Torquay 27 (2) Marldon 42 (6)

W division

Sept 1st Marldon v Torbay CBC.

Marldon 29 - TCBC 32. Points 1-7

Aug 25th. Brixham St Mary v Marldon

Brixham St Mary 36 - Marldon 21. Points 0


Aug 18th. Babbacombe v Marldon

Both rinks played well for an 8-0 win for Marldon. Babbacombe 19 - Marldon 33.


Aug 11th. No Game


Aug 4th. Marldon v Torquay (Home)

Marldon 37 v Torquay 43 (0-8)

No Match report


July 28th. Marldon v Victoria (away)

Victoria 34 - Marldon 39 (6-2 to Marldon)


July 21st. Marldon v Paignton Torbay

Carlo Bragagnolo, Ray Sandercock and Eric Glanfield won 16 - 11
John Bruce, Shaun O'Leary and Bryan Salter won 24 - 14

Marldon 40 ( 8 ) Paignton Torbay 25 (0)

July 19th. ------ v Torbay Country Club, Postponed again. Game awarded to Torbay Country Club

July 14th. Paignton v Marldon

No Match report

July 7th. ------ No Game

June 30th. ------ v Torbay Country Club, Postponed to 19th July

June 23rd. ------ Marldon - Brixham St Mary

No Match report

June 16th. ------ Marldon 6 - Babbacombe 2

No Match report

June 9th. ------ No Game

June 2nd. ------ Torquay 6 - Marldon 2

Match report

Dave Alcorn, Ray Sandercock and Terry Bowles briefly led before Torquay powered into a 19 -4 lead. A minor recovery brought the score back to 19-10 before Torquay once again took control for a 28-12 win.
Shaun O'Leary, Alan Drayton and Eric Glanfield started quickly and scored heavily to take a 23-8 lead before Torquay came back with a 3 and a 7 to reduce Marldon's lead to 5 shots at 23-18. Marldon recovered by taking the last two ends for a 25-18 win on this rink.

Overall Score: Torquay 46 Marldon 37.

May 26th. ------ Marldon 6 - Victoria 2

Match report

Tony Till, Shaun O'Leary and Alan Drayton dropped a 4 on second end and then lost next three ends to go 1-7 down, before winning next 4 ends to be level at the half way stage. Marldon then narrowly lost four of the next 5 ends before claiming a four on the 16th to go one shot in front, 13-12 with two ends to play. Victoria were able to win these last two ends to claim a 16-13 win.

On the other Marldon Rink, John Morgan, Doug Potter and Eric Glanfield also fell behind in the early stages and at the half way stage were still trailing 4-7. A good second half of the game saw Marldon win 8 of the remaining 9 ends for a convincing 18-8 win.

Final Score: Marldon 31 Victoria 24

May 19th. ------ Paignton Torbay 8 - Marldon 0

No Match report

Final Score: Paignton Torbay 46 Marldon 18

May 12th. ------ Marldon 8 - Paignton 0

No Match report

May 5th. ------ No Game