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Over 55 League Results and Tables 2023

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Season 2023

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Note - The Match reports below may appear before the league tables above are updated to include the latest results.

Match reports. (when available)

V division

Aug 30th at Marldon v Brixham St Mary

Craig, Terry and Peter were neck and neck for 7 ends before opening up a lead with a 4 on end 8. Winning ends 9 and 10 gave Marldon a 12-4 lead, but Brixham began a comeback, winning 7 of the remaining 8 ends to overtake Marldon and win 19-13.

Bob, Ed and Martin were also in a close game up to the 8th end when the teams were level at 6 all, but from that point on it was Marldon who took control to win the game 26-8.

Overall Score Marldon 39 - Brixham St Mary 27
League Points: Marldon 6 - Brixham St Mary 2

A good season for the 'V' team who will finish second in the league.

Aug 25th at Marldon v Brixham (re-arranged game)

Craig, Alan R and Terry took an early 9-2 lead but were steadily pegged back and a 2 on the 16th end put Brixham in front, 13-12. Marldon replied with a 3 on the 17th end and made sure of the points with another shot on the last end for a 16-13 win.

On the other rink, Dave T, Bob and Martin got off to a good start and were already 12-2 up when scoring a seven on the 11th end for a 19-2 lead. Brixham did win 6 of the 8 remaining ends but were unable to score many shots and Marldon won 22-10.

Overall Score Marldon 38 - Brixham 29
League Points: Marldon 8 - Brixham 0

Aug 23rd at Victoria

Craig, Bob and Ed were always in control of the game leading 9-1 by the 6th end and although lead reduced to 11-6 by 10th end a six and a two on next two ends almost made sure of the game, which finished 22-10 to Marldon

Geoff, Gordon and Martin also took a good lead early on but were pegged back to 13 all on 10th end. Marldon held their nerve and took the game 19-16.

Overall Score Victoria 26 - Marldon 41
League Points: Victoria 0 - Marldon 8

Aug 16th at Marldon against Babbacombe

Craig, Terry and Peter found themselves up against two former Marldon Members in the opposing triple but pulled steadily ahead, winning 13 of the 18 ends for a good 27-6 win.

Gordon, Bob and Martin were not on top form and although Gordon got close to the jack on numerous occasions the opposition rarely let it stay there. Bob and Martin tried hard but were being outbowled by the opposing 2 and 3, evenualy losing 12-19.

Overall Score Marldon 39 - Babbacombe 25
League Points: Marldon 6 - Babbacombe 2

Aug 9th at Paignton Torbay BC. A frustrating defeat.

Craig, Gordon and Peter were level at the half way point at 6 all, before the opposition won 4 ends in a row to go 14-6 up. Marldon fought back and went into final end only three shots down. During the final end, Marldon were holding the four shots they needed for a win before the opposing skip got a wood in the head, reducing Marldon to 2 shots, meaning Marldon lost by one shot with a final score of 13-14

Alan Rootes, Bob Tame and Martin Rolfe were in a similar neck and neck game and were 5 all at half way stage. On end 15 the scores were again tied but a bad end from Marldon allowed Paignton Torbay to pick up 4 shots on end 16 to take a 4 shot lead. The last two ends were level so Paignton Torbay won 14-10.

Overall Score Paignton Torbay 28 - Marldon 23
League Points Paignton Torbay 8 - Marldon 0

July 19th at TCBC
No Match report but good result for Marldon
TCBC 19 - Marldon 44 League points TCBC 0 - Marldon 8

June 28th at Brixham St Mary.
The day started badly when we realised one of our team was missing.

Dave Thompson, Alan Rootes and Bob Tame started well enough to be 5 -2 up after 6 ends but two ends later were tied at 8 all before failing to win any of the next 8 ends as BSM raced into a 22-5 lead/ Marldon could only score once more and lost 7-24

Ray O'Brien and Terry Grant used 3 woods each against three Brixham Players using 2 woods each, but were unable to match them, only winning 8 of the 18 ends to lose 13-20. 25% of this score was then taken off as a penalty for the missing player reducing score to 9-20.

Overall Score Brixham St Mary 44 - Marldon 16 - League Points Brixham St Mary 8 - Marldon 0

June 21st versus Victoria at Marldon.

Dave Thompson, Ray O'Brien (standing in as late replacement for Colin Cradock) and Martin Rolfe started very well, winning 8 of the first 10 ends for a 15-3 lead. Perhaps they then relaxed a bit, or opponents improved, as Victoria won 7 of the remaining ends to close the gap, but were unable to catch up, and Marldon won 16-12.

On the other rink Ed Sosnowski, Bob Tame and Terry Grant had built up a six shot lead by the half way tea break, but went off the boil, allowing opponents to score 2 consecutive 4's to go two up. Marldon equalised on next end but then dropped another 3 as the opposing skip proved to be consistently accurate. Marldon continued to try hard and were rewarded with three winning ends to go 20-15 up with two ends left. Final Score Marldon 21- Victoria 17.

Overall Score Marldon 37 - Victoria 29. - League Points Marldon 8 - Victoria 0

June 14th - Away at Babbacombe, A warm sunny morning.

Ray Wyborn, Ray O'Brien and Martin Rolfe fell behind early in game and were 3-9 down before a 1 and a 4 brought them back into game. 2 2's on next two ends saw Marldon go into a 12- 9 lead but Babbacome replied with two 1's and a 4 to retake the lead at 15-12 with two ends left, Maldon won the penultimate end with a one so needed 3 on the last end to win. Marldon scored a 4 to win this closely contested game 17-15.

On the other rink Craig Ayres, Bob Tame and Terry Grant scored on seven of the first 10 ends to build up a 9-3 lead and carried on scoring on 7 of the last 9 ends for a 19-6 win.

Overall Score Marldon 36 - Babbacombe 21. - League Points Marldon 8 - Babbacombe 0

June7th v Paignton Torbay

No Report received.

Overall Score Marldon 25 - Paignton Torbay 49. League Points Marldon 0 - Paignton Torbay 8

May 31st - Away at Brixham, with a breeze on the headland keeping temperature unseasonally cold.

Ed Sosnowski, Ray O'Brien and Martin Rolfe scored well early on and by half way were 12- 3 up. Opponents claimed next two ends but a 4 from Marldon on 12th end increased the lead to 11 shots (16-5). The opposition did mount a comeback but the Marldon lead was enough and Marldon won 17-13.

Craig Ayres, Terry Grant and Peter Cartwright scored on 9 of the 18 ends in their match but included two 4's and a 5, while limiting the opposition to 1's and 2's, winning their game 22-15.

Overall Score Marldon 39 - Brixham 28. League Points Marldon 8 - Brixham 0

May 24th Home to Kings B.C.

Dave Thompson, Ray O'Brien and Martin Rolfe found themselves 10-0 up after 7 ends but then failed to score in next 7 ends and by then were 10-12 down. Pulling themselves together, Marldon won the last 4 ends for an 18-12 win.

Craig Ayres, Terry Grant and Peter Cartwright were in a close game, finding themselves level after 8, 14 and 16 ends. A four from Marldon on the 17th end might have decided it, but a second four on the last end made sure, for a good win 23-15.

Overall Score 41-27. League Points Marldon 8 - Kings 0

May 17th Home to Babbacombe

Good weather again for a close game of Bowls. Ed Sosnowski, Ray O'Brien and Martin Rolfe took an early 6-3 lead before dropping a seven to go 6-10 down. Babbacombe added another 4 shots to go 14- 7 up and scored one more than Marldon in next four ends to increase lead to 18-10. Marldon then had two good ends scoring a 5 and a 4 to go into lead by one shot, Babbacombe levelled the score but Marldon took the last three ends to win 23-19.

Craig Ayres, Terry Grant and Peter Cartwright were also in a close game with scores being tied on 7th and 12th ends. A six on the thirteenth end gave Marldon a small lead, but Babbacombe won three of the next 4 ends to tie the scores at 16 all after 17 ends. All down to the last end. Good woods from Craig and Terry gave Marldon a 2 shot lead which they held on to, to win 18-16.

Overall Score 41-35. League Points Marldon 8 - Babbacombe 0

May 10th Away at Paignton

A very good win for the Over 55’s V team this week after their loss last week . Going into the last end we needed 1 to draw and 2 to win .
Peter Cartwright’s team held their nerve to win by 2 so we won overall 31-30.

Overall Score 31-30. League Points 6 -2 .

May 3rd

No Report received.

W division

Aug 30th, at Marldon v TCBC

Howard Les and Paul found themselves up against three good bowlers, including former members Graham Brough and Steve Brilli. Marldon only managed to win 5 of the 18 ends and lost 7-31.

John M, Mike T and Shaun fell behind early on and after dropping a 6 found themselves 2-11 behind. A good comeback saw Marldon catch up and take the lead which they held until the final end at which time they were 16-14 up. TCBC then scored a three to win the game 17-16. A disappointing end for the Marldon team who just have one game left to finish the season.

Overall Score: Marldon 23 - TCBC 48 - League Points Marldon 0 - TCBC 8.

June 21st, Marldon v Brixham St Mary

Bryan Salter, Carlo Bragagnolo and Shaun O'Leary went behind, then took the lead before falling behind again in a very close game. Brixham took two of the last three ends to win 16-12.

John Gilbert, Howard Burchell, and Len Woodbridge appeared to have tougher opponents and only won two of first ten ends to be 8 shots behind. The second part of the game was more even, but Marldon could only reduce the deficit by one, losing 11-18.

Overall Score: Marldon 23 - Brixham St Mary 34 - League Points Marldon 0 - Brixham St Mary 8.

June 14th home to Babbacombe.

John Morgan, Mike Thomas and Bryan Salter fell behind in their gme dropping two consecutive 3's on 10 and 11th end to be 7-14 behind. This appeared to stir them into action as they won 6 of the seven remaining ends for a 20-15 win.

Howard Burchell, Paul Stretton and Colin Mills found their opponents to hot to handle and were 2-11 down by 8th end. Marldon scored 5 singles on 5 of the remaining 10 ends but the opposition reply was stronger and they pulled away for a 23-7 win.

Overall Score: Marldon 27 - Babbacombe 38. - League Points Marldon 2 - Babbacombe 6.

June7th v Brixham

No Report received.

Overall Score Marldon 25 - Brixham 37 . League Points Marldon 0 - Brixham 8

May 31st away at Torquay BC

No Report received.

Overall Score Torquay 40 - Marldon 24. League Points Torquay 8 - Marldon 0

May 24th, home to Totnes BC

No Report received.

Overall Score Marldon 24 - Totnes 42. League Points Marldon 0 - Totnes 8.

May 17th away at Paignton Torbay.

No Report received.

Overall Score Paignton Torbay 26 - Marldon 41. League Points Paignton Torbay 2 - Marldon 6

May 10th Home to Paignton.

Les Clarke, Bryan Salter and our nearly new member Len Woodbridge (back after a couple of seasons elsewhere) started with a 4 and by halfway were 10 shots up. The Marldon players continues to score well in second part of game to win 29-12.

On the other rink, Mike Thomas (just back from Australia), Paul Stretton and Shaun O'Leary started well enough and were 11-7 up at the halfway point.
With scores level at 13 all after 13 ends someone had to be unlucky and it was Marldon, when the Paignton Skip took out a key Marldon wood to pick up a 4 shot lead, and added two 2's on next two ends. Marldon won the last two ends but it wasn't enough and they lost the game 16-21.

Overall Score Marldon 45 - Paignton 33. League Points Marldon 6 - Paignton 2.

May 3rd

No Report received.

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