Marldon 2023

South Devon Ladies League

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SDL 'A' team v Babbacombe - August 1st. Another good win for Marldon.

Gillian, Teresa and Theresa raced into a 13-0 lead before opponents scored on 8th end, and continued to dominate the game for a 31-7 win.

Ros, Steph and Pam took an early 9 -5 lead but then failed to score for 8 ends as opponents turned game around to lead 18-9. The last four ends were evenly split but Marldon lost 13-22

June, Mandi and Pat also got off to a good start to be 13-2 up at 8 ends. The rest of the game was fairly even and Marldon won 25-15.

Final Score Marldon 69 - Babbacombe 44.

SDL 'A' team v Paignton - July 7th.

Mixed fortunes for the Ladies today.

Gillian Burchell, Teresa Cartwright and Teresa Cornelius started badly and and after dropping a six and a three on 9th and 10th ends were trailing 5-17, by end 13 they were 6-19 down, but then turned the game on its head as they scored 14 shots without reply on last 5 ends for a 20-19 win. A good demonstration of why you should never give up!

Ros Wilson, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills were in a close game but had taken a 12-7 lead by end 13. Opponents replied with 9 shots in next three ends to take a 4 shot lead into last two ends. Marldon finished with a 3 and a 1 to tie the game and earn another point for Marldon.

Pam Bovey, Mandi Read and Maureen Heath had a good start to their game to lead 15-8 by the 11th end. The opposition then took control and Marldon only scored on one of the last 7 ends, losing 17-25.

Final Score Marldon 53 - Paignton 60.

SDL 'A' team at home to Babbacombe - June 30th.

A rare (for this season) rainy day didn't dampen the spirits of our Ladies 'A' team as they took on Babbacombe at Marldon.

Gill Burchell, June Gibbons and Theresa Cornelius were 9 -10 down after 9 ends but scored a six on the next end and then held their lead for a 16-14 win

Sue Muller Steph Routledge and Pam Hills dropped a 4 on the 5th end of a very close game and eventually lost 10-14.

Pam Bovey, Pat Edwards and Maureen Heath raced into a 15-0 lead after 6 ends before their opponents replied with a 4 on the seventh end. Marldon continued to post high scores including a 7 on the 11th end to win 35-8.

Overall Score Marldon 61 - Babbacombe 36 Another 8 points of a possible 10 collected from this game. A good result in our first season in this higher division

SDL 'B' team v Abbrook Park at Home - June 20th 2023

Trish Hamling, Pam Neale and Chris Gilbert were in a close game up to the 10th end but then pulled away, winning 4 of the last 5 ends for a 20-13 win.

Karen Lee. Pat Hinkley and Carole Page won 12 of the 18 ends outscoring their opponents for a convincing 29-12 win.

Sue Muller, Lynda Tayler and June Gibbons also won 12 of the 18 ends for a 20-8 win.

Overall Score Marldon 69 - Abbrook Park 33. Maximum of 10 points collected from this game, Well Done! .

SDL A team v Paignton - June 9th 2023

Ros Wilson, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills built up a seven shot lead, but opponents won 7 of next 9 ends to bring scores level after 16 ends. A three for Marldon on 17th end was just enough as opponents finished game with a 2. Marldon won 15-14.

Mandi Read, Pat Edwards and Maureen Heath were in a close game, falling behind early on but recovering of a 15-14 win.

Gill Burchell, Teresa Cartwright and Theresa Cornelius could not quite match their opponents and were 6 shots behid with three ends to go,. The opposition won these three ends for a 24-13 win.

Overall Score Marldon 47 - Paignton 56. Two winning rinks did give Marldon 4 points from this match.

SDL A team v Kingsteignton - June 6th 2023

Our Ladies 'A' team started their season with a convincing win against Kingsteignton today.

Mandi Read, Pat Edwards and Maureen Heath started evenly, having a 7-6 lead after 5 ends but Marldon then won 12 of the remaining 13 ends for a 31-7 win.

Gill Burchell, Teresa Cartwright and Theresa Cornelius lost 3 of the first four ends to be 1-3 down but recovered to win 12 of the remaining 14 ends for a good 24-5 win.

Ros Wilson, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills had a closer game than the other triples, being level after 8, 10 and 12 ends. Marldon then scored 9 shots while winning the next three ends, which was enough to see them through to a 16-10 win.

Overall Score Marldon 71 - Kingsteignton 22.

Last Season, 2022.