Marldon 2022

South Devon Ladies League - Division 5, 2022

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League Table

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Congratulations to our ladies for winning Division 5 of the league. Onwards and Upwards, lets hope we can enter two teams next season

August 8th 2pm. Marldon v Kingsteignton
Marldon's last league game of the season and a good 10-0 win.
Barbara James, Linda Route and Maureen Heath had build up a 13-4 lead by the 8th end, the next 10 ends were shared, giving Marldon a 23-14 win.
Theresa Cornelius, Pam Neale and June Gibbons also got off to a good start, being 13-1 up after 5 ends. The rest of the game was fairly even but Marldon finished as 24-14 winners.
Teresa Cartwright, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills had built a small 9-6 lead by the 12th end of their game but then raced away to a 20-8 win.
Overall score Marldon 67 - Kingsteignton 36.
League Points Marldon 10 - Kingsteignton 0

July 29th Dawlish Marina v Marldon
A good win for the Marldon Ladies today at Marina, puts Marldon at top of Table, but Kinsgsteignton have games in hand and the league title won't be decided for a while yet.
Teresa Cartwright, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills were already in front when they picked up a 5 on the 13th end for a 12 shot lead, and although the opposition closed the gap to 6 Marldon won 19-13 on this rink.
Barbara James, Linda Route and Maureen Heath won 12 of the 18 ends in their game for a comfortable 23-11 win.
Theresa Cornelius, June Gibbons and Pam Neale were 12-6 up at 13 ends but scored another 16 points while winning 5 of the last six ends for a convincing 31-11 win.
Overall score Dawlish Marina 35 - Marldon 73.
League Points Marina 0 - Marldon 10

July 8th Marldon v Brixham St Mary's.
On a very warm afternoon, Marldon turned up the heat on Brixham St Mary, winning on two rinks with a draw on the other.
Teresa Cartwright, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills were in a close game and with three ends to go were 10-16 down, but a good finish saw them recover a point with a 16 all draw.
Barbara James, Linda Route and Maureen Heath raced into a 24-0 lead before their opponents scored, eventually winning 41-9.
Sue Muller, Rosemarie English and Theresa Cornelius were 8-6 up after 9 ends, but then won the next seven ends before BrixhamSM scored again, Marldon winning comfortably with a score of 24-8.
Overall score Marldon 81 - Brixham St Mary 33.
League Points Marldon 9 - Brixham St Mary 1

June 27th - v Kingsteignton. Playing against the top team and with a player absent due to Covid, Marldon did manage a win on one rink.
Linda Route, Steph Routledge and Pam Hills won a close game by one shot, but both Pam Neale's triple and June Gibbons' triple lost their games against a strong Kingsteignton team.

League points Marldon 2 Kingsteignton 8.

June 6th - v Dawlish Marina. Ladies were successful in their second game of season, winning on two of the three triples.
Barbara, Linda and Maureen H lost 11-17, Teresa, Steph and Pam Hills won 25-6 and Sue Muller, June and Pat won 18-13, leading to an overall win, 54-36.

League points Marldon 8 Marina 2.

The ladies played their first game of the season on May 23 at Brixham St Mary, in very wet conditions. Despite this they were successful, with big wins on two of the three triples and unlucky to lose by one shot on the third triple.

Scores were 20-11, 13-14 and 38-3, giving Marldon a good win by 71 points to 28.

League points Marldon 8 - Brixham St Mary 2.