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    Report on July 2019 Matches.

    This is a summary of games for which reports have been written and does not cover all games played.


    July 2nd.  The ladies of Marldon ‘A’ team played their second game of the season against Paignton-Torbay ‘B’ team. Marldon managed to get nine points. (MH)


    July 2nd     MDL ‘A’ v Kingsteignton (Away)

    It’s never easy playing on the carpet at Kingsteignton, but remembering we won 14-0 on a similar surface at Dartmouth last season we were hopeful of picking up a few points, but sadly it was not to be and we went down on all four rinks for a 0-14 result.

    Rink 1 Tony Powell, Ed Sosnowski, Bob Tame and Paul Stretton went 0-7 down after 4 ends before starting to score and had pegged back to 5-8 down at 9 ends before a dropped six saw our opponents take a nine-shot lead. Marldon kept on trying and frequently held shot but the opposing Skip Kevin Taylor was on top form and could do nothing wrong, usually removing Marldon’s nearest wood from the head to win the end. Marldon only managed to score on three more ends and eventually lost 9-30.

    Rink 2 Alan Routledge, Graham Brough, Dennis Quincey and Barry Hodges also let opponents get 6 shots on the board in three ends, before scoring a three. Marldon continued to fight back and were level at 10 all by the 13th end but Kingsteignton then scored 9 shots in next three ends to put daylight between the teams. Marldon did edge the last few ends by 4 shots to 2 but it was not enough and they lost 14-21.

    Rink Three Gary Routledge, Doug Potter Tony Mason and John Gibbons put up a fight and were neck and neck until the 13th end where scores were level at 12 all. Ends 14-16 was where this game went wrong as opponents scored 11 shots without reply. Both teams scored 5 shots on last five ends which left Marldon trailing 17-28.

    Rink 4 Terry Bowles, Graham Dowell, Andy Pearson and Colin Mills had a difficult time and only managed to score on 5 of the 21 ends, losing 6-26 (BT)

    Overall Score 46-105. 

    July 4th Marldon ladies were busy again today playing re-arranged match against Dartmouth managed to get 8 points to add to the nine scored yesterday, so good two days bowling.  (MH)


    July 4th - Rivera Mixed Triples

    Marldon  ‘B’ (Baboons) 8 -  Brixham St Marys *A*. 2

    Marldon ‘A’ (Apes) 8  - Brixham St Mary 2, winning on 2 rinks of three rinks with overall win.

    July 4th  MDL ‘A’ v TCBC at Marldon

    A better night for Marldon, winning on three of the four rinks for a 12-2 win.

    Rink 2 - Gary Routledge, Doug Potter Tony Mason and John Gibbons raced into a 13-0 lead in 4 ends before the opposition scored 7 shots of their own in next three ends. Marldon never let the opponent get any closer and ran out comfortable 34-22 winners (2 points)

    Rink 3 - Alan Routledge, Graham Brough, Andy Pearson and Colin Whiley got off to a slow start in a low scoring game and were 4-13 down after 12 ends, but then stepped up a gear to win 8 of the last 9 ends for a 17-14 win (2 points)

    Rink 4 – Kevan Davey, Terry Bowles, Colin Mills and Graham Dowell also made a good start to be 13-0 up after 5 ends and continued in the same way only allowing their opponents to score on 5 of the 21 ends. Final score 29-8 (2 points)

    Rink 5 - Tony Powell, Ed Sosnowski, Bob Tame and Paul Stretton struggled to get any consistency and after briefly being 6-4 up found themselves 9-18 down after 11 ends. More effort from the Marldon Team brought them back to within 2 points by the 15th end (17-19) but a stronger finish from TCBC winning 4 of the last 6 ends saw them win 28-20 (0 points).              (BT)


    July 8th MDL ‘B’ v Paignton Torbay B---        Hot Shot! - Ooops.

    Marldon B (87) 12 - Paignton Torbay B (66) 2

    The B Team had another good win tonight.

    Bryan Salter, Barry Hodges, Harry Swan & Terry Grant lost a couple of shots on the first end, however the second end proved to be magical Bryan drew his second wood for a perfect 8 (Hot Shot), followed by another 4 on the third. At tea they held a 19 - 5 advantage. Over the next 10 ends Bryan & the lads could only manage 1 more point. Going into the last end the game was all square at 21 points. You've guessed it Paignton /Torbay won the last end by one shot, completing a great comeback to win 22 - 21.

    Shaun O'Leary, Dave Thompson, John Gilbert & Ray O'Brien started slowly against P.Dewinne finding themselves 5 - 1 down after 5 ends. After the 6th they picked up shots steadily, with 5 ends left they were winning 19 - 8. Final Score 24 - 16

    Paul Stretton, Les Clarke, Martin Rolfe & Angus McMartin. Another Rink where Paignton/Torbay took early advantage always with a 4 or 5 shot lead up until the 14th. Leading 13 - 8. Marldon then scored 9 points in two ends taking the lead. Never looking back Marldon went on to finish with a 22 - 16 victory.

    Colin Whiley, Gordon Page, Pat Walton & Dennis Quincey started off at a steady rate opening up a slight lead by tea 10 - 6. The second half of the game went much the same way, with the final score being 20 - 12.

    All in all, a good 12 points secured tonight. (CW)

    July 9th Ladies SDL  Marldon B vs Abbrook Park
    It was quite exciting without any of the ladies realising how close the game was .

    Lynda Taylor, Ginny Murphy, Lin O’Brien won 23-17
    Carole Page, Gill Hartley, Maureen Stanley lost 19-22
    Jane Lake, Chris Read, Sue Muller somehow were 2 ends behind and were losing by 6 points at which time we were also losing overall.

    A fine 3 on the 17th end by Jane meant they could lose 3 points and still obtain a draw . However, we were holding 1 shot on the last end and with the last bowl of the game their skip took the jack and for a moment we thought oh bugger. But they only got 2 shots.

    Abbrook were now jumping up and down but hadn’t realised they’d lost 56-55
    Result = Marldon 6 Abbrook Park 4 (Ro’B)

    July 9th MDL ‘A’ v Shaldon ‘A’

    Marldon’s MDL A team took on Premier league leaders Shaldon tonight and soon discovered why they were league leaders. Kevan’s rink (with Terry Bowles, Colin Mills, Graham Dowell) managed to keep game close and was level at 14 ends but Shaldon then took 16 shots to none in last seven ends. (12-27)

    Alan Routledge’s rink (with Graham Brough, Andy Pearson and Martin Rolfe) also kept game close and were only 4 shots down on 16th end before a stronger finish from Shaldon saw the win on this rink too (23-15).

    Gary Routledge’s rink (With Doug Potter, Tony Mason and John Gibbons) briefly took the lead after 8 ends but then failed to score on next 10 ends and the five shots picked up on last three ends were no more than a consolation prize as they lost heavily. (15-31)

    Tony Powell’s rink (With Ed Sosnowski, Bob Tame and Bryan Salter) could only score in 1’s and 2’s while Shaldon were scoring heavier and three 3s, a 5 and a 6 gave them a healthy lead. (12-28)

    Final score was Marldon 54 Shaldon 108 (14 points to Shaldon. Nil for Marldon.)              (BT)


    July 12th MDL B Team - Result Marldon B 6 Upton Park 8

    Another sun-drenched night we welcomed Upton Park to our green this evening.

    Rink 2 Colin Whiley, Pat Walton, Gordon Page & Dennis Quincey had a very close game against Olly Keeson. At tea after 10 ends the score board read 10 - 10 - 10. The next 3 ends Marldon picked up 7 shots for a 17 - 10 lead. Although Upton picked up a few shots they ran out of ends, game ending in Marldon’s favour 22 - 19 (2 - 0 )

    Rink 3 Paul Stretton, Les Clarke, Martin Rolfe & Angus McMartin. A similar story, at tea the score was 14 - 13 in Marldon’s favour. After gaining a 24 - 14 lead Marldon saw out the game winning 25 - 20. (4 - 0 )

    Rink 4 Shaun O'Leary, John Gilbert, Dave Thompson, & Ray O'Brien  started steadily finding themselves 8 - 0 up after 5 ends. Points were shared from there on. With Marldon Winning 18 - 14 (6 - 0 )

    Rink 5 Bryan Salter, Gordon Hewer, Barry Hodges, & Harry Swan. This rink a completely different story was taking place. Upton Park were in total command after 12 ends Marldon were still to trouble the scoreboard (0 - 22) After stopping for a cuppa, things didn't get much better for Marldon. They managed just 6 points on the night. Score when last wood had been bowled 6 - 32 (6 - 2)

    Final Score on the night ended then with Marldon 71 (6) Upton Park 85 (8)   (CW)

    July 12th - Very close ‘Top Club’ Game at Torquay tonight. Doug lost four wood, John Gibbons got to 20 all in two wood before a toucher on last end saw him win 21-20. Triples finished four shots down, so we had to win on rink and pairs games. Alan Routledge, Graham Brough, Terry Bowles and Bob Tame managed to open up a lead and keep it to the end in the fours, which meant everything now depended on the pairs game. Kevan Davey and Tony Powell were also in a close game and with one end to go Torquay had pulled level at 22 all. On last end Kevan drew shot and opponents failed to beat it with their last two woods meaning Marldon won the match by three games to two.             (BT)


    July 13th - MDL Cup.
    This morning 19 teams turned out at Torbay Country Club. Both A & B of Marldon were represented.
    B Team (Colin Whiley, Paul Stretton, Bryan Salter & Shaun O'Leary) 13 v Torquay C Club 18
    The A Team of John Gibbons, Tony Mason, Terry Bowles & Doug Potter played Brixham. I have no scorecard for this game. However, the A Team won the game. They were then given a Bye to the semi finals.

    Semi's & Final to be played @ Paignton bowls club on Saturday 14th September.  (CW)

    Losing the above players from the Friendly team for the game at Credition that day proved too much as Marldon lost on all 6 rinks.                 (BT)

    Tuesday July 16th   Ladies SDL ‘A’  - Marldon v Brixham St Mary

    Maureen Heath Pat Edwards & Teresa Cornelius started well and were 8-6 up after 7 Ends before a poor 8th end saw them drop a 7 to go 8-13 down. Good bowls on the next 4 ends saw Marldon reclaim the 7 to reclaim their 2 shot lead. Dropping 6 shots on the next three ends looked bad but Marldon held themselves together and finished with 8 shots on last three ends for a 23-19 win.

    June Gibbons Val Howe and Pat Haynes dropped a seven on the first end and although they scored on 10 of the 20 remaining ends it was not enough and they lost 10-16.

    Pam Neale Pam Hills and Jane Lake build a 5 shot lead and then dropped a 5 on end 7 then built another 5 shot lead before dropping a 6 on end 15 to be one shot behind with three ends left. 3-2 to Marldon on last three ends made this a tied game at 18 all. Overall result 51-53 Close but not close enough.  (BT)


    Wednesday July 17th Over 55 V and W

    Men’s over55’s V Team result
    Yet another very close game this morning at Country Club .
    Carlo B , Dave Thompson & Martin Rolfe
    At tea 9 ends were leading 12-4
    Ray O’Brien , Dennis Quincy & Terry Grant were drawing 7-7
    Come the 17th end TCC had made ground on Martin
    but Martin still leading 15-12
    Terry losing by 3 ... 13-10 game all square .
    Come the last end Martin lost a shot to win 15-13

    Terry’s rink were holding 3 when their Skip missed on his last shot so we asked for 3 telling Terry to not take his last bowl to draw 13-13
    Marldon win 28-26 points 7-1



    Wednesday July 17th - MDL’A’ v Torquay (away) Less said the better 0-14 was score

    Our best rink lost by 8 shots, our worst rink lost by 30 shots, the other two both lost by 19 shots.


    Thursday July 18th - MDL ‘B’ v Torquay ‘B’ (away)  A good win for Marldon.

    Rink 1 Brian Salter, Pat Walton, Barry Hodges & Ricky Knapp. With the return of Ricky making his first appearance of the year, we could be forgiving for expecting high hopes. After 5 ends Bryan found himself 7 - 1 down. However, after 10 ends Marldon had managed to get themselves back into the game at 10 all. From then on they managed pick up points at a steady rate finishing with a 21 - 15 victory. (Torquay 0 Marldon 2)

    Rink 2 Shaun O'Leary, John Gilbert, Dave Thompson & Ray O'Brien. This proved to be a very evenly contested affair with neither side taking control. both teams taking in in turns to score. 5 - 5 at 5 ends. 16 - 16 at 15 ends, so no surprise that the game finished at 21 points each. (Torquay 1 Marldon 3)

    Rink 3 Paul Stretton, Les Clarke, Martin Rolfe & Angus McMartin ) Marldon opened up a 15 - 7 lead at the halfway point. After the Tea Break much of the same as the lads kept the pressure on final score 24 - 16 in Marldon's favour.

    (Torquay 1 Marldon 5)

    Rink 4 Colin Whiley, Gordon Page, Dennis Quincey & Terry Grant. After a slow start found themselves 5 - 2 down after the first 5 ends. They then won 9 of the next 10 ends opening up a 20 - 7 lead. Although Torquay rallied from then on, Marldon were never in danger of losing their grip on the game, finishing with a 24 - 17 victory. (Torquay 1 Marldon 7)

    Final Score on the night Torquay B 69 (1) Marldon B 90 (13)


    Thursday 18th July - RMTL . Marldon Apes result - Playing at home Vs Totnes .

    Tony Till , Chris Gilbert & Maureen Heath never put a foot wrong and won comfortably .
    Theresa Cornelius Lin O’Brien & Martin Rolfe started slow and were 7-0 down after 3 ends but went on to win by about 6 shots .
    John Gilbert Pat Edwards & Ray O’Brien started awful and were 12-1 down at tea but came back strongly to lose by only three shots 13-16
    Overall win for The Apes 8-2



    July 22 MDL A v Kings at Marldon

    14 ‘A’ team players and two subs from B team took on Kings tonight. Alan Routledge, Graham Brough Ray O’Brien and Colin Cradock took on a rink skipped by England international Louis Ridout and had a very competitive game, briefly taking the lead on 12th and 18th ends before Kings scored 3 on 20th end to win 19-17.  (0 Points for Marldon.)

    Ed Sosnowski, Ray Sandercock, Bob Tame and Barry Hodges also found themselves in a close game and were level on 11th and 14th ends before Kings scored 6 shots in three ends to open up a six point lead with four ends to go.  Marldon reduced the deficit to 2 shots before Kings won last two ends to win 24-19. (0 points to Marldon)

    The rinks skipped by Gary Routledge and Terry Bowles both found themselves in one sided games where the opposition had the upper hand and both lost heavily.

    Overall result Marldon 62 (0) Kings 108 (14), another bad result for Marldon.


    Wed 24th July- Another bad day at the office for the Over 55’s V Team Away to Paignton
    Ray O’Brien , Demi’s Quincy & Martin Rolfe Lost 31 – 14 ( a lot closer than it looks )
    Carlo Boombang , Dave Thompson & Terry Grant Lost 25 – 15 ( gave away 6 on the last end
    Overall 56 – 29


    Wed 24th July

    Well done the ladies ‘A’ team for winning on all 3 rinks at home against Paignton/Torbay, 10 points, well done all !!

    Wed 24th July  Colin Cradock, Bob Tame & Colin Whiley. Played & lost their unbadged triples semi final to a fine team from Upton Park. Finally going down by 23 - 10.


    Wed. 24th July. MDL Marldon B v Babbacombe B

    This evening Marldon welcomed Babbacombe for a 3rd division MDL game.

    Rink 1, Bryan Salter (Barry Hodges, Harry Swan & Chris Lockyer) started off like an express train picking up 6 shots on the first end. This was followed by 4, 3, & 1. After 10 ends when tea arrived Marldon held a 14 - 4 lead. What happened next (Who knows) Babbacombe picked up 1 or 2 shots on all remaining ends except 1. Final score Marldon 15 (0) Babbacombe 23 (2)

    Rink 2, Shaun O'Leary (John Gilbert, Dave Thompson & Ray O'Brien) found themselves 6 - 1 up after 5 ends. Babbacombe rallied and by 10 ends the game was all square at 8 all. The visitors had the best of the second half of the game finally winning by 4 shots.

    Marldon 18 (0) Babbacombe 22 (4)

    Rink 3, Paul Stretton (Dave Alcorn, Angus McMartin & Martin Rolfe) Babbacombe were in complete control of this game right from the off, only losing 3 ends in the whole game.

    Marldon 8 (0) Babbacombe 36 (6)

    Rink 4, Ricky Knapp ( Terry Grant, Gordon Page & Dennis Quincey) A very even game played out on this rink. Nothing could separate the two & at the tea break the scores were level 11 all. Babbacombe picked up 5 shots on the 3 ends straight after the brake, scores were then shared until the end giving them a 22 - 17 victory.

    Marldon 17 (0) Babbacombe 22 (2)

    Final Score Marldon 58 (0) Babbacombe 103 (14)




    Friday July 25th Devon Top Club Section Final v Kings at Marldon

    Didn’t get off to a great start when the two singles both lost. 5-22 in Two wood, John Gibbons never really got started against Louis Ridout, Doug Potter went down 10-21 in four wood. This meant the Pairs Triples and Fours all had to win.

    Triples Ed Sosnowski won a tight game 17-14, pairs (Kevan Davey and Tony Powell) fought well but lost by one 16-17 , Rink was losing at this point and conceded once other results were known.


    Sat 27th July – Friendly  game, away at Bovey Tracey (at least I thought it was friendly)

    Only Ed Sosnowski’s rink managed to win as our other three rinks went down heavily on a green that was very different to Marldon’s green.


    Monday 29th July – MDL ‘A’ at TCBC

    We went here hoping for a good result but unfortunately it was not to be as we lost the overall game by 5 points despite having two winning rinks.

    Tony Powell, Ed Sosnowski, Bob Tame and Ray Sandercock started well enough with a four-shot lead (4-0) but then dropped 10 before scoring again. (5-10). Trying hard we narrowed the gap to one (10-11) before a dropped 4 gave the opposition a bit of breathing room (10-15). Although we narrowed the gap to 13-15 after 15 ends, a better finish from TCBC saw them win 22-16. (0 points)

    Alan Routledge, Graham Brough Andy Pearson and Colin Cradock were 7 -0 down after two ends but pulled back to level game in next 4 ends. A dropped two was a minor inconvenience as we picked up 8 shots in next 3 ends to go 15-9 up. The second half of the game was just in Marldon’s favour as we pulled away by one more shot for a 24-17 win. (2 Points)

    Kevan Davey, Terry Bowles, Colin Mills and Graham Dowell found themselves well down after 8 ends and even narrowing the gap to 4 shots during ends 9 to 11 was just temporary respite before TCBC raced away to a 26-10 win. (0 Points)

    Gary Routledge Doug Potter, Tony Mason and John Gibbons were 5 shots up before opponents got on scoreboard and had increased their lead to 10 by end 10. A TCBC comeback which included a 6 on end 13 brought them back within 3 shots, but Marldon closed the game out winning the last 6 ends for a ten-shot win (24-14) (2 Points)

    Overall score TCBC 79, Marldon 74.  Points, TCBC 10- Marldon 4.

    Tuesday 30th July - Marldon B v (league leaders) Bitton Park. MDL Division 3 game.

    On a very wet and windy evening before the game got underway the discussion amongst the players was how many ends had to be played to achieve a result.

    Rink 1. Shaun O'Leary, John Gilbert, Dave Thompson & Ray O'Brien started well and were 5 -1 up after 5 ends. However, Bitton Pk. won all but 3 of the remaining ends to finally win convincingly 25pts to 10. Bitton Park 2 Marldon 0

    Rink 2. Bryan Salter, Barry Hodges, Pat Walton & Harry Swan found themselves 12 - 2 down after the first 5 ends. When the long-awaited tea arrived, they were 19 - 8 down. It didn't get any better in the second half of the game Bitton Pk. winning by 38pts to 11. Bitton Park 4 Marldon 0

    Rink 3. Paul Stretton, Angus McMartin, Martin Rolfe & Chris Lockyer. Not much between these two teams early on. Although Bitton Pk had managed to move 4 shots clear after 11 ends when tea arrived 11 - 7. When play resumed Marldon only managed to score 2 more points, Bitton Pk. scored quite heavily. The game finishing Marldon 9pts Bitton Park 34 Bitton Park 6 Marldon 0

    Rink 4. Colin Whiley, Gordon Page, Dennis Quincey & Ricky Knapp.  Marldon started very well and were leading 13 - 6 at the halfway point. It was just after the break for tea the rain was at its worse. Bitton Pk. rallied and very quickly turned the game round and by the 16th end they were leading Marldon by 15pts to 13. However, our lads fought back and never lost another end. Marldon winning by 23pts to 15. Bitton Park 6 Marldon 2

    Final Score Bitton Park 112 (12) Marldon 53 (2)

    Wed 31st July Over 55 Leagues

    Marldon’s V team lost 31-43 to Brixham but one winning rink gave us another 2 points.

    Marldon’s W team lost heavily to Torquay. 12-50.

    We also had a friendly game against a Touring team from Ware, Hertfordshire today which finished as a tie, with three winning rinks for each team and scores level after 21 ends.

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