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    Match Reports – June 2019 

    A summary of the games for which reports have been submitted.

    Saturday June 1st Second MDL/B team game

    Totnes A 95 (12) Marldon B 75 (2)

    For our second league game this week we travelled away again, this time a short journey to Totnes. A very difficult afternoon with 3 of our Rinks finding the green very tricky. Only a solitary win by Colin Whiley’s Rink by 29 - 14 giving us a couple of points.

    Monday June 3rd – County Pairs. Gary and Alan Routledge took on the King’s BC international pairing of Louis Rideout and Sam Tolchard tonight. In a very close game Marldon were level until half way but a four from the King’s Duo gave then a slight advantage for second part of game. However Marldon kept trying and Kings were forced into killing ends to keep their lead. Although Marldon took the game to the full 21 ends they narrowly lost 18-23.

    Wednesday June 5th - Marldon played Newton Abbot at Marldon in the National Top Club competition.

    The Two-wood between John Gibbons and Jack Lenton was neck and neck right up to the 19th end with neither player able to score consistently and at 19 end scores were level at 11 all. Jack, from Newton Abbot, then scored 2 2’s to clinch the game.

    In the four-wood singles Doug Potter faced W Stevens and by end 7 Stevens had built up a 12-4 lead. He then failed to score for the next 6 ends as Doug pulled the score back to 11-12 but then dropped a 4 followed by a 3 to leave himself 11-19 down. Although Doug got another shot on the scorecard it was too late as he lost 12-21.

    Having lost 2 of the five rinks we now needed wins from the pairs, triples and rinks. Our pair of Tony Powell and Kevan Davey started slowly allowing the away team to build up a 15-7 lead by the tenth end, but then won the next 5 ends to take the lead 17-15 with 6 ends to go.

    Meanwhile the rink, Tony Mason, Terry Bowles Graham Brough had got themselves 17- 12 up with five ends to go.

    Our triples rink, Colin Mills, Ed Sosnowski and Gary Routledge had fallen 5-13 behind but a 2, a 3 and a one brought then to within 2 shots with only two ends left. At this point the match could have gone either way.

    In the triples game Newton Abbot scored three shots on the last two ends to win the game 16-11 and end Marldon’s chance of an overall win. 

    Meanwhile our pairs rink dropped a three but levelled game again at end 17, but a second dropped three put us 3 behind with three ends to play. We picked up a shot on end 19 but it was not enough and Newton Abbot finished with 2 5’s for a 31-19 win.

    The fours game was no longer going to make any difference and from 17-12 up Marldon dropped 9 shots on last three ends to lose 18-21.
    So that marks the end of our National Top Club competition for this season.

    Friday 7th June – Foxlands games against Stoke Fleming postponed due to heavy rain.

    Sat 8th June 2019 Marldon MDL/B v Kingsbridge.

    The players gathered at Marldon at 12:00 in the rain, waiting to see if the game would be on, and (with passports ready) they set off for Kingsbridge. The sun was shining by the time they got there and the game went ahead.  Marldon were unlucky to lose by one shot on two of the rinks and three shots on a third rink. The fourth rink also lost, so no points for Marldon today. We’re hoping for better results when we play our home games.


    Sunday 9th June 2019 Marldon A v Paignton at Paignton BC.

    At 10am it was raining so we gave it a few minutes before starting. Colin Whiley, Bob Tame, Ed Sosnowski and Tony Powell had a steady start and had a 5-4 lead after end 7, this was unchanged after end 8 which was tied. A 4 from Marldon on the 9th end put a bit of daylight between the teams and a further 10 shots on next four ends gave Marldon a 19-4 lead by the 13th end. Although Paignton pulled back five shots on next five ends an even finish saw Marldon win 24-14.

    Colin Cradock, Andy Pearson Graham Brough and Alan Routledge would have won by two shots if the score was counted from after 6 ends, however on the first 5 ends Marldon had scored 16 shots without reply and turned this 16-0 lead into a final score of 31-13.

    With a 28 shot lead from these two rinks, Marldon looked on course to take the overall win regardless of the results of the other two rinks who were having more even games.

    In a close game, Graham Dowell, Colin Mills, Terry Bowles and Kevan Davey were level on the 9th and 15th ends and still 2 shots behind after 18 ends but picking up five shots on ends 19 and 20 and only dropping one shot on last end was enough to pick up a two shot win. 19-17.

    John Gibbons, Tony Mason, Doug Potter and Gary Routledge also found themselves in a close game but a 4 and a 1 on ends 14 and 15 gave the Paignton Rink a 6 shot lead. The next two ends gave each team one more shot but end 18 was Marldon’s end as they scored a 7 to go one shot ahead, and a 2 on the 19th end increased the lead to three. Although Marldon did not score on the last two ends they only let the opposition score one each end which resulted in a 25-24 win for the Marldon Rink giving us a final points total for the match, 14-0.

    Sunday June 11th – Gary and Alan Routledge, who had both played in the ‘A’ team game earlier in the day at Paignton, were beaten in the National Family Pairs event by a younger brother and sister pair.

    Wednesday June 11th                 -              Over 55 V Team. Away at Babbacombe.

    Barry Hodges, Dennis Quincey and Martin Rolfe got off to a slow start and were 1-10 down by the 6th end, but then picked up 9 shots to opponents 2 to reduce the deficit to 2 shots by the 14th end. (10-12)
    Marldon dropped one more shot on the 15th end before a very good finish from the Marldon Trio gave them scores of 5, 2 and 1 on last three ends to win their game by 5 shots (2 points to Marldon).

    Ray O’Brien, Bob Tame and Terry Grant were in a much more even game and were level after 6 ends. By end 14 Marldon had built up a 5 shot lead, reduced to 4 shots after end 15. At this point the aggregated score was 25-24 to Marldon and the potential of our first win of season looked close.
    Babbacombe had other ideas and a poor 16th end allowed Babbacombe to pick up 6 shots to gain a 2 shot lead (aggregate 30-30). A further one shot on end 17 gave Babbacombe a three shot lead on this rink but the aggregate score still favoured Marldon at 32-31.

    The other rink finished with a one, so all this rink needed was second wood for an overall win, even if this rink couldn’t win its own game. It was at this point the wheels fell off Marldon’s wagon. The Babbacombe front end surrounded the jack leaving Marldon in trouble, and Terry, who was having a good game overall, had the unenviable task of trying to find a way to the jack through five Babbacombe woods. He knew he couldn’t afford to be short but his last wood was a little too quick, found all the gaps between the Babbacombe woods and took out Marldon’s only close wood for a score of 7 to Babbacombe creating a final score of 25-15 to Babbacombe on this rink and an overall score of 38-33 to Babbacombe (Final points score Marldon 2- Babbacombe 6).

    Wednesday June 11th ,10am             -              Over 55 W Team. Home to Babbacombe.

    No report.

    Wed June 11th – 2pm Marldon Ladies v Paignton (4-3-2-1 Competition) (Report from Maureen Heath)

    Our Ladies took on Paignton today, but Paignton soon got the upper hand.
    Our single went down 32 8 after 21 end, and triples losing 11-23
    Fours were level at 18 ends, but aggregate on three games was now  -36
    Pairs were in the lead, but after dropping a 6 to go 19-14 down, Marldon realised they couldn’t catch up the aggregate score and conceded the match.

    Wed June 11th – 6pm Marldon v Kings (away) -  National 2 - Fours game

    Kings BC, on their own green, were too strong for Marldon tonight and won on both rinks.

    Thursday June 13th – Unlucky for some, as our RMTL ‘A’ team game and our friendly against Northampton Old Boys were cancelled due to waterlogged green and heavy rain.


    Friday June 14th          Devon Top Club Knockout Competition V Totnes at Marldon

    Having lost in the national Top club recently we had a better game tonight as our ’Top Club’ Team beat Totnes and go forward to the next round.
    Doug Potter raced into an 18-0 lead in 9 ends of the four wood singles before dropping a 4 on tenth end. his opponent only managed another three shots before Doug closed out the game with a 22-7 win.
    John Gibbons had a closer game in the 2-wood singles. After 23 ends John had a narrow one shot lead at 18-17 but a two and a one saw him win 21-17.  (unlike normal 2 wood games, which play only 21 ends, Devon Top Club still plays to 21 shots which was the old rule for all 2 wood competitions).
    The Triple of Colin Mills, Bob Tame and Ed Sosnowski also had a close game which was 8-3 to Marldon after 11 ends, but Totnes fought back to get within one shot on 15th end. Some very good Bowls by Ed allowed Marldon to close out the game with 6 more shots to give Marldon a 16-9 win which meant with three winning scores Marldon had won the game.
    Kevan Davey and Tony Powell were only two shots down with three ends to go and the Rink of Colin Cradock, Colin Whiley, Graham Brough and Alan Routledge were 19-12 up with four ends to go, at which point Totnes knew they had lost and conceded the game.

    Tuesday 18th June – MDL ‘B’
    How things change, after last week's defeat at Kingsbridge where we lost 14-0. (Losing by a small margin on 3 of the rinks) Tonight our B Team welcomed league leaders Chudleigh.  The rink of Paul Stretton, Les Clarke, Peter Collings & Angus McMartin got off to a great start 8-2 up after 5 ends. A very even game from then on ended in a 20 - 16 win for Marldon.
    Shaun O'Leary, John Gilbert, Terry Grant, & Ray O'Brien also started well taking 6 shots on the first end. Never looked back continuing to tot up the points finishing with a 13 point victory, 29 - 16 to Marldon.
    Not such a good night for Bryan Salter, Carlo Bragagnolo, Harry Swan & Barry Hodges losing 5 shots on the first end. It was always going to be a hard task from then on. However, they kept on plugging away scoring what was to be very important 5 shots on the last 3 ends. Losing 11 - 22
    Colin Whiley, Gordon Page, Chris Lockyer, & Dennis Quincey were 11 shots up before the Chudleigh boys scored. Although our boys never picked up any points over the last 5 ends they had done enough to win by 27 - 23.  Final score on the night, Marldon 87 (12) Chudleigh 82 (2). 


    Wednesday 19th June - Over 55s

    This morning both our V & W Teams had home games.
    The W team v Brixham St Marys. Gordon Hewer, Terry Bowles & John Gilbert never got going
     0 - 13 down after 5 ends. From then on the two teams shared the points. Marldon losing out 13 - 27
    Bryan Salter, Colin Mills & John Morgan also found the morning hard going losing by 11 - 20.
    Final score Marldon 0 Brixham St Marys 8

    The other game saw our V team play Totnes. Martin Rolfe, Barry Hodges & Keith Hollings had a even game up until the 12th end when they picked up 6 shots eventually winning 21 - 14. Terry Grant, Ray O'Brien & Dennis Quincey also shared the points for the first ten ends. It was then that they took control winning 6 of the last 8 ends winning 24 - 15. This gave Marldon ‘V’ team their first win of the season 45 (8) 29 (0).
    Was a bit of a wet morning all round rained non-stop all morning.


    Saturday June 22nd.  MDL ‘B’

    Marldon B Team visited Upton Park this afternoon in the MDL.

    Bryan Salter, Dave Alcorn, Barry Hodges, & Dave Thompson opened up a 8 shot lead after 5 ends. The teams shared the points up until the 15th with Marldon still in control. However, Upton picked up 12 shots over the last 4 ends to win 24 - 18.

    Shaun O'Leary, Carlo Bragagnolo, John Gilbert & Ray O'Brien had quite a steady start and were leading by 9 shots to 6 when the teas arrived at 11 ends. They then picked up 13 shots on the next 3 ends. Although Upton fought back Marldon won by 26 - 18

    Terry Grant, Pat Walton, Angus McMartin & Les Clarke had a close game all the way with nothing between the two teams, with Terry picking up 4 shots on the last 4 ends Marldon win 17 - 14

    Colin Whiley, Dennis Quincey, Gordon Page & Chris Lockyer  were 6 - 4 down after 6 ends. It was then Dennis and his new woods (His first game with them, Duh !!) got into the game, What with Gordon & Chris playing their normal steady game.  Marldon scored at steady rate and never at any time looked in any trouble, with Colin also adding to the points tally. Marldon won 20 - 14.

    Final Score:- Upton Park  70 (2)  Marldon 81 (12).


    Tuesday 25th June - MDL ‘B’ Division 3 Game Tonight home to Bitton Park.

    Tonight was all about 29s & 23s
    Colin Whiley, Gordon Page, Dennis Quincey & Chris Lockyer found the opposition in fine form. Right from the start they were out bowling us, scoring steadily from the start. After picking up 11 shots in 3 ends at the halfway point, Bitton won with a score of 29 - 12

    Shaun O'Leary, John Gilbert, Colin Egan & Ray O'Brien suffered much of the same. Also losing 11 shots in 3 ends just before tea. Bitton winning 29 - 15

    Paul Stretton, Angus McMartin, Terry Grant & Les Clarke could do nothing wrong leading by 15 - 1 after 7 ends. Picking up more points over the second half of the game, Marldon won 23 - 17

    Bryan Salter, Dave Alcorn, Barry Hodges & Harry Swan played a steady game and were never in any trouble throughout, Marldon Winning  23 – 15                              Final score  Marldon  73 (4) Bitton Park 90 (10)

    Wed 26th June Over 55 V (It’s a funny old game)

    O 55’s V team were at Brixham St Mary this morning
    Rink 2. Dennis Quincey Ray O’Brien Terry Grant
    Rink 3. Les Clarke, Carlo and Martin Rolfe

    At tea Martin was 10-8 up with Terry not having gained a point for 12-0 down.
    Come the 16th end Terry had picked up 10 points to trail 21-10. Martin picked up a 6 for 20-10
    17th end Martin picked up 2, Terry 1 and we were suddenly winning overall .
    Last end Martin dropped 1 shot for a great 22-11 win Terry picked up another 2 to make it 12-21
    Overall Marldon 34 Brixham St Mary 32
    Points 6-2
    Great result for us . Well done all. (Report from Ray O’Brien)


    Thursday 27th June - County Trophy.....

     End of the road tonight as Torquay turned the tables tonight beating us on 3 of the 4 Rinks Overall score Torquay Win by 17 points. 

    Men's Devon Top Club - Friday June 28th

    Result Brixham St Marys 1.5 - Marldon 3.5

    After a minor misunderstanding tonight's Top Club game v Brixham St Mary's got underway at 6.30.  While we were arriving at Brixham our opponents were at Marldon. Phone calls Brixham came back. (Good job we were not playing Dartmouth)

    2 wood singles - John Gibbons had no problem and was always in control from the start opening up a lead from the off. Winning his game convincingly by 22 - 9

    4 wood singles - Doug Potter was level after 9 ends score 9 all. After 15 ends all had changed Doug was 20 - 11 down. Then all changed Doug never lost another end, completing a great comeback Winning 21 - 20

    Triples - Paul Stretton, Colin Mills & Colin Whiley struggled to keep with their opposition and were trailing by 12 shots after 9 ends 3 - 15 down. All changed from then on Brixham never picked up another shot. Marldon just ran out of ends. Final score 14 - 15. A creditable performance by the two B team players & CM.

    Pairs - Tony Powell & Kevan Davey lost 5 shots on the first end. However, they put that well and truly behind them. They scored freely for the rest of the game and were 36 - 19 up when Brixham conceded after 19 ends. This giving Marldon the 3 disciplines required to win the match and go through to the next round.

    Fours - Graham Brough, Shaun O'Leary, Terry Bowles & Tony Janet Mason.  Marldon were 14 - 7 down after 11 ends. Graham and the boys staged a comeback and had managed to draw level when the game was halted with 2 ends to go. 

    Well done to all

    Next round is on Friday July 12th.  Away to Torquay or Babbacombe     


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