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1. The club shall be known as The Marldon (Maple Leaf) Bowling Club Limited. Hereafter to be referred to as "The Club" and shall be affiliated to Bowls England and Bowls Devon. The bowling club was founded in 1987 and the latter formed in 1994. The colours of the club shall be green and gold.


The objects of the club shall be to foster and promote the sport of flat green bowls at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition.


Membership of the club shall be available to any person, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or ability, providing they complete a membership application form, which is approved by the management committee, and pay the relevant subscription fee as determined by the club. The following categories of membership shall exist and may be added to by the Management Committee from time to time.

(a) Playing members:-

 i)  Full Adult (18 years of age or over as at the 1st of April Annually)

 ii) Junior (14 to 17 years of age inclusive as at the 1st of April Annually)

 iii)  Juvenile (up to 13 years of age inclusive as at the 1st of April Annually)

 iv)  Life Members.

(b) Social (non playing) members.

(c) The membership shall consist of, Playing Members, Social (non playing) Members,  Junior Members, Juvenile Members and Life Members. Candidates applying for  membership must do so by completing the appropriate form and must be proposed  and  seconded by existing club members of at least one years standing. Completed forms must  be returned to the Secretary, who will display them on the club notice board for a period  of fourteen days. Any objection to the applying  member by an existing member, must be  made to the club Secretary in writing, giving good reason. Any written objections to the  applicant being granted membership, must be considered by the Management Committee  whose decision is final. Such application will be presented at the next Committee meeting  for formal acceptance subject to there being a vacancy. Should  there be a limit imposed,  the applicant will be placed on a waiting list and offered membership when a vacancy  arises. Club subscriptions payable by such new members, will be proportionate to the  time of joining. Social (non playing) Members and Junior Members may attend  General Meetings but are not eligible to vote.

(d)  The word Junior (except in subscriptions) shall be meant to include Juveniles. In addition  to the main club rules, the following shall apply to juniors-:

 i) At 18 years of age to be offered full membership irrespective of any waiting list.

 ii) Have access to club facilities (excluding bar) and should be accompanied by a    parent or guardian. Parents and guardians do not have automatic access to the club    facilities.

 iii) Have their own club competitions and fixtures as arranged by a fixtures/  competition secretary as agreed by the main Management Committee.

(e) Membership shall cover a period of one year from April 1st to March 31st.

(f) Honorary Life Membership.

 The members may, on recommendation of the Directors and the Management  Committee, recognise outstanding services to the club by electing such person(s) as life  members of the club, at the AGM only.


Subscriptions for the following season will be recommended by the Treasurer and decided on at the AGM. This to apply to all categories of membership. The annual subscription is due and payable by April 1st each year, prior to the commencement of the season. Any member whose subscription is in arrears on the 1st of May shall forfeit the privilege of membership and shall not be eligible for re-election until arrears are paid. He/she will accept the decision of the Management Committee as final.


The playing rules of the Club shall be those of Bowls England and Bowls Devon with reference to the "Laws of The Sport of Bowls" (Crystal Mark Second Edition) or subsequent versions. Further Club Rules, including Dress Code, which may be amended from time to time, will be separately documented and displayed in the Captains Office.


All Officers of the club, except the Welfare Officer, shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of The Club, from and by the members. The Welfare Officer will be appointed by the Management Committee.

All Officers are elected for a period of one year, but may be re-elected to the same office or another office the following year. No member to hold more than one Office unless it proves impossible to recruit a different member to fill one of the roles.


The Officers of The Club will be :



 Club Secretary.


Men's Captain.

Ladies Captain.

Men's Delegate.

Ladies Delegate.

Fixture Secretary.

Site Manager



Welfare Officer.

Men's Vice Captain.

Ladies Vice Captain.

Competition Secretary.

Bar Manager.

Catering Manager.


Press Officer.

Web Site Manager.


The affairs of The Club shall be controlled by the Management Committee, the Directors of the Club plus three other members elected from and by the Members at the AGM. The President, Welfare Officer and Vice-Captains are entitled to attend the Management Meetings, but would not be eligible to vote.

The Management Committee will meet at agreed intervals and not less than six times a year. A quorum of at least seven voting members will be required in order for a meeting to be valid.

(a) Any category of member is eligible to stand for any position or office on the Management Committee; with the exception of junior members. Two years must elapse before any member is eligible to be a Director.

(b) The Vice Captains are to be elected at the AGM, and will automatically become Captains  the year following their role as Vice-Captain. Should the Vice-Captain decide not to  become Captain, the post of Captain and Vice-Captain will be voted for at the AGM.

(c) The post of Club President is an Honorary position recommended by the Management  Committee to the members at the AGM for formal acceptance, this position is to be held  for one year and ideally be rotated annually between male and female candidates.

(d) Bar committee. The bar committee shall be nominated from members and voted for at the  AGM, to select more than 3, but not more than 7, members, from whom the selected shall  appoint one person as Bar Manager. The Bar Manager will be responsible for stock  control and correct legal operation of the bar and cellar as laid down by the licensing  authority. One Bar Committee member to be present at all times the bar is open.


(a) To control the affairs of The Club on behalf of the Members.

(b) To keep accurate accounts of the finances of The Club through the Treasurer. These    should be available for reasonable inspection by Members and should be examined by the   appointed Accountant before every Annual General Meeting. The Club should maintain a   bank current account. Any cheque drawn against Club funds, must be signed by the Treasurer and one Director.

(c) To co-opt additional members onto the Management Committee as the Management   Committee feels necessary. Co-opted members shall not be entitled to vote at Committee   meetings, unless they have been co-opted into a vacant Officer's role.

(d) To make decisions on the basis of a simple majority vote. In the case of equal votes, the    Chairperson shall be entitled to a second and casting vote.

(e) To appoint Sub-Committees as necessary to fulfil the Clubs business.


The Management Committee will advise on the format of Selection Committees, to choose players for various types of matches. Each Selection Committee will include at least two players who are not Club Officers wherever possible. Such members to be chosen by voting at the Annual General Meeting.

Selection Committees, once chosen, will be displayed on the notice board in the Captain's Office.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the end of October each year. 21 clear days written notice shall be given to Members of the Annual General Meeting by either circulating a copy of the notice to every member at their home address, or posting the notice on the Club notice board.

Members must advise the Secretary in writing of any business to be considered at the AGM, at least 14 days before the meeting. The Secretary shall circulate, or give notice of the Agenda for the meeting to the Members, not less than 7 days before the meeting.

11.1  The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be to :-

11.1.1  Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM and any General Meetings held since   the last AGM.

11.1.2  Receive and approve the examined accounts for the previous year from the    Treasurer.

11.1.3  Receive the annual report of the Management Committee from the Secretary.

11.1.4  Elect an Accounts Examiner

11.1.5 Elect the Officers and Management Committee Members of the Club.

11.1.6  Transact such other business received in writing by the Secretary from the    Members 14 days prior to the meeting and included on the agenda. Any Other    Business is entirely at the discretion of the Chairperson.

11.2  Special General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings may be convened   by the Management Committee or on receipt by the Secretary of a request in    writing from not less than 21 Members of the Club. At least 21 days notice of the   meeting must be given.

11.3  At all General Meetings, the Chair will be taken by the Chairperson, or in their    absence, by a deputy appointed by the Management Committee.

11.4  The Club Secretary shall display on the Club notice board, at least eight weeks    before the AGM, a form requesting nominations for positions within the club, to   be voted for at the AGM. All candidates for these positions, must be proposed and   seconded by two full club members. The proposer and seconder must enter their   names on the form, which must be signed by the candidate to indicate his/her    acceptance of the nomination. This form will be removed by the Secretary, two   weeks before the AGM.

11.5   One vote per full member for a committee/management position by way of secret   ballot. For those full members not able to attend the AGM they will be able to send   their completed voting slips in a sealed envelope to the secretary, or by a named    person to act as their proxy, the name of whom must be advised to the secretary    prior to the AGM.

11.6  Decisions made at a General Meeting shall be by a simple majority of votes from   those Full Members attending. In the event of equal votes, the Chairperson shall be   entitled to a second and additional casting vote.

11.7  A quorum for a General Meeting shall be a minimum of 25% of the voting Membership.


Any proposed alterations to the Club's Constitution, may only be considered at an Annual or Special General Meeting convened with the required written notice of the proposal. Any alteration or amendment must be duly proposed and seconded. Such alterations shall be passed if supported by not less than two thirds of those voting Members present at the meeting, assuming that a quorum has been achieved.


In the event of disciplinary action being taken against any member, the matter will be dealt with in accordance with Bowls England Regulation No 9.


If at any General Meeting of the Club, which is a Company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital, a resolution calling for the dissolution of the Club be put forward, this resolution will need to be in writing and signed by at least 25 of the eligible membership.

The Secretary shall immediately convene a Special General Meeting to be held not less than one month thereafter, to discuss and vote on the resolution.

14.1   If at that Special General Meeting, the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of    the total voting membership, the Management Committee shall thereupon, or at    such date as shall have been specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the     assets of the Club and discharge all debts and liabilities of the Club.

14.2   After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Club, the remaining assets shall    not be paid or distributed amongst the Members of the Club, but shall be given to    or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having similar objects.


The Club fully accepts it's legal and moral obligation to exercise its Duty of Care to protect all children and vulnerable adults participating in its activities, and to safeguard their welfare. A Welfare Officer will be appointed by the Committee each year.


The Club fully acknowledges The Equality Act 2010, and operates a policy of non discrimination in terms of Age, Race, Religious Beliefs, Sexual Orientation, Gender or disability. The Club also acknowledges it's legal requirements to observe and implement all Health and Safety Regulations.

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